Tuesday, 4 February 2014

منگل کے روز

Whew! Long-assed week.. Wait. Scratch that. Month!

Everyone in my house has been sick as a dog. First Muffin, then the puppy and then me. I actually spent the other night in the emergency room and am covered in bruises from all the needles that were poked into me For the last week I have been uncomfortable, in pain and exhausted pretty much nonstop.

Despite the illness, I have certainly taken the time to relish in life, enjoy little things and learn more and more how to be the bigger person. It's been a glorious beginning to a year that is set to bring a huge amount of great changes and progression. Muffin and I will both be finishing school this year, we will hopefully move into a more comfortable and stable place for the two of us and Muffin will finally have some sanity resumed in his life once all this court stuff is over and done with. The next court date is just around the corner and we're looking forward to hopefully settling now that we have the Guardian Ad Litem's recommendations. If Settlement doesn't happen then we go to trial and finally this will all be done. No more sassy bullshit between Muffin and a lawyer. No more ugly court dates looming. It'll all just be over and we can relax and Muffin can enjoy being a part of his daughter's life.

But to stay in the now, let's talk about what I love this week...

stop animation
ice packs... in fact, I love them so much that I actually sleep with our ice pack mushed against my face all night. Despite it being below freezing outside, I love for my room to be like an actual ice box. I love to prance into a cold room and then cuddle under the covers, nestled between Hubby and Puppy. But I always found I got too hot, so this summer when I discovered that I could lay my head on an ice pack to regulate everything, my life has been changed.
Everything Bagels
ice water... Literally, all I have been drinking for the past month is ice water and it's great.
Her... Oh. Em. GEE. Muffin was actually the one who wanted to go see it before me. I was interested, but not so much that I NEEDED to go see it. But he forced me and I am so ecstatic that he did. Seriously, do you remember when you first saw Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind? Remember how much it made you cry and how beautiful it was and how every emotion that was trudged up was so raw and great? Yeah, this is exactly like that, but better. It is such an astronomically beautiful film. The cinematography, score, costumes, script, everything. It's glorious! GO SEE IT!
Muffin finally getting a first... after so many years of Muffin being so far away from his daughter, missing every single first (learning to ride a bike, roller skate, go to school, etc) he's FINALLY been able to get a first. We took her ice skating during her visit and we got to see her go from terrified on the ice to skating completely on her own with great confidence. She had so much fun and seeing the two of them bond and learn something together was so special.
blind people who are in good spirits... we were at the VA hospital a couple of weeks ago and there was a blind guy there who didn't let his handicap ruin his day, instead, he walked past a nurse when someone commented on her sassy hot pink shoes. His response to that was that he was blind and even HE could see them. It's so nice to see people who have dealt with their disability and found ways to make it fun and acceptable. Also, it helped that he was a sassy black man.
when a magician pretends they fucked up, only to blow your mind
bedtime rituals with Sebass... every single night without fail when it comes to sleepytime he comes and lays in my face and whines at me until I let him under the covers where he proceeds to crawl between my legs and kiss my feet until he falls asleep. THEN. When I finally decide I'm ready to fall asleep I will turn off the telly and roll over onto my side and he will lazily crawl up next to me so I can spoon him whilst he sleeps with his head on my arm. Then it's like a cute Danie sandwich between Hubby and Puppy and I love it. It's just a fabulous little ritual that I look forward to every single night.
our downstairs neighbours... she's glorious and has these wind chimes hanging on her porch that I lay and listen to every single morning. It's nice and it reminds me of my childhood and all my mum's wind chimes.
morphine... so. I have these huge lumps on my leg and they got so painful that I couldn't even walk. Like, I was actually concerned I was going to die. The pain became so unbearable that everyone I spoke to bullied me into going to the ER. When I went in I told them all the things I'd tried to alleviate the pain they laid me back, whipped an IV in and gave me a pretty heavy dose of Morphine that literally hit me like a brick wall almost immediately and took every single ounce of pain that I had away. It was a nice couple of hours.
American Dad
Bruno Mars
NOT having an abscess on my leg... Yeah. I never really realized how much I enjoyed not having abscesses on my leg until I got them and had to live with them. I will never take my smooth legs for granted again. Ever.
iced coffee
Ocean Shores

chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
buttermint cremes
off-brand cola
Ribena... WOOH DOGGIE! I had forgotten how much I loved it until I decided to look on Amazon one night on the off chance that I might find some to buy and I did! I got it and have been delighted every time I prance into the kitchen to get a drink and find that tall bottle of concentrate to remind me of England.
friendly nurses... my nurse was SO glorious in the ER. She was so stressed out because of the Superbowl and all the drunk assholes that were being admitted that her trips into my room were really just a break from all the idiots and a chance to BS and stuff.
The Way Way Back... watch it. Watch it now!
pillows... we have about seven pillows on our bed. We create nests around ourselves and we are not ashamed.
when our puppy ISN'T ill... oh MY Sebass was ill for a couple of days. He was actually really violently ill. The poor little man was so sad and unhappy that I couldn't handle it. Fortunately, I'm a good dogmom and took my baby boy to be seen (which is apparently frowned-upon by SOME people. Because I would be a better person if I didn't take my dog to the vet when he needed it, I guess). He's all better now though. It was just a horrible couple of days because he's never really been ill.
our Breaking Bad money barrel... yeah. I made the decision that my one big purchase for this year would be the special money barrel with all the seasons in it. We loved that show and so I decided I would fore go a few things to get this. It's been well worth it.

Alright, time to go take a shower and get myself nestled into my freezing bedroom. Have a glorious week everyone!


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