Friday, 28 May 2010

all the things he says...

Me: so
Me: tell me about our future
Him: ok
Him: you and me
Him: snuggled on the couch
Him: with the puppy
Him: watching movies
Me: oh
Me: em
Me: gee
Him: your head on my shoulder
Him: mine on your head
Him: most likely a rom com
Him: I kiss your head lightly
Him: during the part when the two unlikelies fall in love
Him: I reach over and eat some more fried tofu sticks
Him: fried cheese sticks
Me: okay
Him: I reach over and grab some more taco bell
Him: the puppy looks up at me
Him: I say, this isn't for you bill
Him: I eat it
Me: his name will NOT be bill
Him: but give a bite or two to the dog
Me: fyi
Him: you're focusing on the wrong parts here baby
Me: sorry
Me: i am squeeing a lot though
Me: fyi
Him: what I eat and the dog's name is all you're worried about, then you need to reassess your life

Him: I give you a huge kiss and we snuggle so tight
Him: you tell me how you've never been so in love
Him: I tell you the same
Him: once the movie is over, I say, let's go for a walk
Him: and we walk while watching the beautiful sunset
Him: Jorge runs around on the leash
Me: no
Him: no leash?
Me: no Jorge
Him: Jorge is our retarded neighbor
Me: okay
Him: we need to walk him
Me: i just let out the stupidest laugh in the world
Me: ever

Him: why?
Me: go on
Me: you just make me so happy
Him: ok
Him: so we watch the sunset walking through the park
Him: stopping to make out and kiss
Him: we joke
Him: laugh
Him: talk about our EVEN MORE distant future
Him: hold hands
Him: play on the toys in the park
Him: eventually coming up to an ice cream shop
Me: omgparty?
Him: I pull out an illegal gun and rob it for 5 gallons of rocky road and 5 gallons of whatever you want
Him: then we jump into the getaway car and have a party at home
Me: green mint chocolate chip
Him: sorry, couldn't help myself
Me: i love you so much
Him: that was kinda funny right?
Me: it was
Him: love you so much
Him: we get some cones
Him: keep up on our wlak
Him: walk
Him: it gets dark and we head home
Him: I go upstairs and start to shower, my feet are sore because my shoes are old and I need new ones
Him: you tell me this for the 100th time
Him: I say I know, but I like these ones
Him: you fake hit me
Him: then you rub my feet
Him: seeing the smile it brings to my face


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