Friday, 28 May 2010

tell me about it... the love...

Him: fucking shit I love you
Me: tell me about it
Me: about the love

Him: it's so amazing the neighbors are going to be like damn
Me: oh?
Him: it's so much love that love bugs are going to like damn, those two are already in love
Him: cupid's going to get shot by OUR arrows
Him: and then cupid is going to be like
Him: damn man, that shit is pointy
Him: and it hurts
Him: and we'll be like, yeah, we know
Him: now you see how it feels
Him: you jerk
Him: and then venus is going to explode

Me: the god or the planet?
Him: the planet will explode into a gabillion jellybeans of love and the god will cry bubble gum tears of love
Him: and we'll prance all over the world
Him: mainly greece and rome
Him: and be super awesome

Me: god i fucking love you
Me: thank you for making me so happy


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