Tuesday, 17 May 2011

well, hrm... it's tuesday.

and therefore time for another list.

i've been in the middle of planning the wedding, attempting to control Muffin's eating habits (to be noted in a later blog) and tidying the house and have barely found much time to compile a very comprehensive list. i need to at least start some other blogs today, so i should just get this list done and buckle down to at least perhaps post one of my other blogs later on.

and here we go!

home videos from the 80's and 90's
having my back popped... something i've loved since forever. prior to my move to england, whilst working the overnight shift at a petrol station, i had a customer that would come in every single night and pop my back. if he wasn't popping my back, my friend trevor was. i'd not had my back popped since before i went to england. Christopher was never very successful at it and i didn't trust anyone else enough to have a go. several nights ago though, i literally thought i was going to die. my womb felt like it was going to fall out, my joints all ached and i could NOT get comfortable for all the weird tension in my back. Muffin offered to pop my back and swooped me up into a huge embrace that popped my back in three places. he immediately recoiled, concerned he might have broken me as i fell on the bed in a fit of complete relief. and with that, his main job in this relationship was awarded him...
Accepted... a little-known funny film that is rather cliche with too much physical humour, but still full of fun quotes and jokes.
Justin Long
The Ringers... who i am madly in love with after watching Accepted. the lead singer is just a beautiful man with incredible facial hair and the band embody a beautiful little corner of rock'n'roll that makes me quite bouncy in my seat.
when Muffin puts on a british accent... typically, i'm not one to appreciate anyone deliberately mocking any accent. i find it to be offensive and stupid, but for some reason, when Muffin tries to pretend he's british and talks to me with his horribly articulated accent, i can't help but want to snuggleattack him.
Busta Rhymes
birds with worms... there's just a wonderful bit of satisfaction i can feel on behalf of the bird for it's achievement of stereotypical bird image.
Booger... for as retarded as he is, i adore his little cute doggy face and paws and every other little thing about him.
how often i catch myself staring at Muffin... i catch it all the time, no matter where we are. i find myself in my own tiny world staring at him and realizing his beauty over and over. i love watching his face and memorizing his expressions and eyes. it's probably one of my favourite hobbies.
people who take the initiative to come and introduce themselves in a crowd
roly polies
Richard Dreyfus
Elisabeth Shue
Christopher Lloyd
crucifix spiders
vintage dress patterns... one of which we procured last week for me to make my wedding dress. it'll blow minds, i promise.
wedding helpers... because were it not for all of the beautiful people in my life, i would not be able to make my wedding what it will be. Heather is making our amazingly incredible invitations for us for free, Barbie is creating the perfect pair of plugs for me to walk down the aisle with, Jodee is doing photography for us for free (which delights me to no end, mostly because she offered to do them for free the day we met her because she loved our story so much AND wanted to make our day memorable) and our friend Boris will be performing the ceremony. it'll be the most magical day ever and i will have nobody to thank more than the special people that have helped out and been perfect angels through the planning process.
trying different hairstyles... they are happening and they are going okay. i'm attempting to find something that will spring itself as being perfect for the wedding. i think i MAY have found it, but i'm not completely sure just yet.
Piranha 3d
having my ring back
Papa Murphy's
ESTATE SALES... i was hungover, it was saturday and also, it was seven in the morning. i had been squealing about one particular estate sale for the previous two days... an estate sale full of EVERYTHING 1950's and clothes and furniture and OH MY GOD! but at seven on a hungover saturday? no. i rolled over and complained that i was going to die and that i didn't want to go. Muffin prodded me and twisted my arm until i rolled out of bed and into whatever pieces of clothes i could find around the room. i thought i was going to die when the sunlight beat down on me as i walked out the door. i also thought i was going to die as i got in the car and it was TOOHOT. THEN i thought i was going to die because the air coming in through the windows was too cold. i stopped wanting to die as soon as we pulled into an incredibly beautiful little suburban area that neither of us had ever been to. upon entering the sale it was very quickly realized that we have stepped into the future and were given the opportunity to see what OUR house would look like when we're ancient. it was filled with AMAZING amounts of baking stuff, vintage baking decorations, cameras galore, insect taxidermy and the most shocking masses of vintage medical equipment and books... OMG BOOKS! we ended up leaving with several vintage baking decorations, a dough sheet, a vaginal speculum (of which there were like, thirty, no lie), an incredible camera tripod, a vintage swimming cap and some really old, amazing books, all for less than twenty bucks! it was the perfect estate sale and now my house is very happy with it's new inhabitants.
italian sausage
vintage patches
my vintage letterman cardigan
the hat... because OH EM GEE i nearly died when my friend alex told me he was actually going to send it. when it arrived, i literally had a small heart attack. please see it: 

the end.


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