Tuesday, 31 May 2011

tuesday blog

firstly, can i just say, i asked Muffin to name today's blog for me and THAT is all he came up with. i'm questioning marrying him. 

it's been a week and for that i apologize. i've been a busy bee around the house and have literally just not found the time to sit down and blog really. i'm here now, though, and i have a lovely compilation of the last two week's things i heart...

please have them...

the way Booger lays... he literally has so many limbs that he has to huddle up into a weird stick-like ball with his legs tangled around him and that sight never fails to delight the hell out of me.
Kevin Spacey
Penn and Teller
smoked sausage
Fran Drescher
filling out forms
Kirby hoovers... yeah, we got sucked in. a lot. some guy came to our house about ten days ago and let us know that they just opened a new shop nearby and that they were trying to drum up interest by doing free carpet cleanings. we let the wonderfully delightful aaron spend four hours showing us all the perks of a Kirby before we let him touch Muffin's guitars and leave. it was a wonderful evening and being able to see another Kirby demo was totally worth missing out on a moviedate with the Muff.
Peter on ecstacy
the paedophile on family guy... and his dog... easily, he is my favourite part of any episode of Family Guy. Muffin and i are now CONSTANTLY making Herbert noises at one another throughout the day. it's special.
the jitterbug
Sid Haig
blaxploitation... the genre and name
the way Booger stares at me... there is just something so special about the way he'll stop and stare at me. we'll be cuddling on the sofa or laying in bed and he will turn his head to me and watch me. i like it.
Carrot Top... i literally have no idea what it is about him, but i can't stop watching him. he's been in a lot of Criss Angel episodes lately and i can't help but keep my eyeballs glued to the screen just to catch glimpses of his shockingly altered face and burly muscles.
the smell of icy hot
vice grips
soldering irons
Tom Sellick
Harrison Ford
Family Guy... i always dismissed it, opted for American Dad or The Simpsons, until recently... i found myself home and not wanting to watch entire films before bed, so i decided to break into the like, eleven box sets of Family Guy that Muffin had stored in the shelves in the dining room. i literally now live for my hour before bed... i snuggle in with Muffin falling asleep and chortle myself into my own snoozy daze and i love that ritual.
roller coasters
the way surgeons hold their arms after washing them prior to surgery
the judge in The Simpsons
the thought of having thirty puppies
having Origami's stuff OUT OF THE HOUSE... yeah, the day has finally come! which is why i took so long to post this blog today... her stuff is officially out of the house and despite the new lack of a dresser, dining table and huge bedroom mirror, i couldn't be bloody happier. to finally have that disgusting grey cloud away from our heads feels so wonderful. plus, we have SOMUCH more room in our house for activities! the removal of her stuff today was interesting and she wasn't as unpleasant as i expected her to be. she apologized for having to inflict her stuff on to me, as she knew it was awkward (which is when i announced that i loved going through people's crap, so i wasn't bothered!) and then there was that really special, weird moment when she had packed her last load up that she kinda TRIED to go for a hug that wasn't reciprocated by Muffin... that was magical to watch. no matter what though, her stuff's gone and i'm delighted!
unlikely friendliness

and the end! i need a fag and a shower... in that order. 


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