Tuesday, 3 May 2011

this tuesday

i've literally, in the last week, started like, five new blogs... this puts me at about twelve unfinished blogs all vying for my attention.

i need to pull my act together.

i'm in the middle of baking some cakes, so i'm going to just get on with the list for today so i don't burn them.

THE sofa... an investment made firstly because i'm a big, complaining complainer, and secondly because we have a friend who seems to be mildly retarded. the nutshell version, without going too much into the details that i will be covering in another blog, is that i'm sick of having Origami's shit in the house. the reminders and the fabulousness of my overactive imagination means that i am nearly on constant emotional alert... wondering why he won't force her to get her stuff out of the house (in my head, this works out as he doesn't want to let her go. again, i KNOW i'm neurotic and over-think EVERYTHING, no need to remind me, thankyouverymuch!). anyways, a friend of ours was going to give us his fluffy-fabulous L-shaped sofa last week but decided to, for some reason, become more mentally retarded than usual, leaving us with Origami's sofa in the garage and my newly-lifted emotions (surrounding the fact that ANOTHER reminder of the fact that Origami exists would finally be out of our house) completely destroyed. i cried. Muffin shouted and cursed and then took me couch-shopping. the result was my new favourite thing in the house. our special, robin's-egg-blue sofa of wonder. it's bouncy, soft and perfect for naptimegoodness.
naptimes on sofa... an activity i had the luxury of experiencing on the highest setting possible last night with Muffin one one end, me on the other, our legs completely tangled and Booger lying across us. it was an evening of absolute bliss and ease. i laid there for over an hour soaking in every detail... Muffin's snoring combined with Booger's (which, i can assure you, is an genuine competition between them)... the sounds of a film bouncing around the room as i read about how to fix the broken parts of a relationship. it was special and really intimate and i want every one of my evenings from now on to look like that. (in that image you see Muffin cuddling my foot and Booger's ear, which apparently had JUST seen The Ring)
Iron and Wine... a beautiful suggestion from my perfect little Lee Lee. please, listen to them and be delighted.
Skype... because, for all the distance between me and someone else, this one computer program makes feeling just a sliver closer possible.
laugh tracks
the way hair looks underwater
THE DATE!... and yes, it HAS been set! i hadn't announced it until now because i wanted to invite the necessary people and now that THAT'S been taken care of, i can tell you all that Muffin and i will officially be upgrading our relationship on Saturday the sixteenth of July. JUST under ten weeks! BWEEEEEE!
Muffin's lips
Muffin's voice
tangling our legs
planning wedding things
LaDonna... very few people in my life are as special as her. through all of the hideousness of our pasts, what we have now is perfect and exactly what i hoped it would one day be. we are sisters like in the movies. we talk once a week and i can tell her anything in the world. she's the best and THAT is why she will be in my bridal party!
pink lemonade
banana cupcakes... which i am making. right now.
Italian films
vintage bottles
The George Carlin Letters.... seriously, if you've not seen this book, get the SHIT off your computer and go to the local bookstore and find it, open it to a random page and fall in love with the adorable love letters shared between him and his wife.
Damn You Auto Correct!
my new bra... which, since i've lost all my weight, is a godsend, because my boobs have shrunk a stupid amount. now though, with my new bra, it makes it look like perhaps i've had implants... which is special.
peanut butter
cheesy chick-flicks

and i'm pretty sure that's it! Muffin's just pranced in and the cakes need icing!

have a perfect week!


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