Tuesday, 10 May 2011

womby tues

today, my womb seems to want to be my bff.

the last couple of days have been particularly wonderful and i've noticed a special shift in my mood which has left me quite curt and volatile. each and every mood is punctuated with Muffin telling me, "why don't you just BLEED already?!" which tends to make me stop and realize i'm turning into those bitches in the movies who just can't handle the extra hormones.

aside from my mood swings and voracious appetite, i've been finding time to enjoy the little things in my life. please, see my list:

dog paws... oh but i love them so much! they smell wonderful and have those adorable tufts of fur that are slightly longer than everything else that stick out randomly.
NOFX... okay. NOFX and i have had a very rough relationship over the last several years. i initially was introduced to them by Muffin when i was sixteen. i didn't really clock them as anything spectacular and once we split up and i moved to england, i avoided listening to them because they made me think of Muffin and also i relished being childish and deliberately avoiding anything Christopher was a huge fan of. recently though? i've kind of fallen in love with them. this has occurred with the help of a series of tour videos and Muffin's need to almost CONSTANTLY listen to them. anyways, i love them now... a tiny about thus far, but it's growing. they're special and i heart them.
the way my face smells like Muffin after he cuddles me in the morning... after he's finished shaving and putting his clothes on he smears his face with an aftershave that lingers on my skin long after the morning goodbye kisses have been given. i love that smell and i love Muffin.
goat tails
Ray Liotta
buzzards and how it looks like they're wearing trousers
when you kiss someone and you get static shock
bulldog clips
the holes people get in their backs after laying on a bed of nails
Todd Robins
sideshow freaks
drawing/writing love notes
making fun of Criss Angel... right, so i'd never heard of him in my life before last weekend. i'd seen the DVDs on the shelf and HOPED that the ridiculous-looking covers had lured Origami in and that Muffin hadn't been so silly as to have been drawn in by this hokey goth/blingin'/BLARGH "illusionist." alas, my hopes were unfounded, as they WERE Muffin's DVDs and we DID have to watch them last weekend after enjoying a little bit of The Amazing Johnathan. i immediately became entranced with how ridiculously annoying, "manly" and just... retarded he is. he makes me want to die, but not so much that i don't want to watch every episode on the discs so i don't miss out on ANY form of opportunity to mock his singing, showmanship and hokey bullshit.
crawling under a duvet and feeling like you'll never get warm (and quite possibly freeze to death) and then, suddenly, without warning, in the middle of shivering, you realize it's passed and you're toasty.
how surprisingly beautiful Rob Zombie is without his makeup
good manners
dog noses
when Muffin touches my feets
my Lee Lee shirt
the way Booger just goes mental occasionally... which i was JUST lucky enough to have caught on video. please enjoy!


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