Wednesday, 21 January 2004

a poem

Break time

When it hurts this bad aren’t you supposed to feel something?
More than your heart breaking?
Maybe the occasional tear should drop…
Leaving you to feel its cool river down your cheek.
Perhaps there should be the feeling of your soul leaving…
Taking a step out for a break.
It’ll smoke a few cigarettes,
Take down a few beers…
The things it can’t do normally,
The things it isn’t allowed to do during “buisness hours.”
Why do you take such long work weeks?
You never take time off for fun.
You go and go,
Always running and pushing to look good…
“to impress the boss,” she says…
Let your soul rest a little, hey?
It needs time to put on band-aids
And laugh it up with the guys a little too…


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