Friday, 23 January 2004

**is angsty**

chris does not like halfway home! i do not think there is room in my heart for a non-lover. hee hee... it is very early an i have to be to work very soon. i missed my bus, so that is delightful. i am tired... i hate how they give me three days off and then expect me to open. i am a alzy beast, what do they expect from me!? i hung out with shawn last night and he is splendid. he was totally NOT as emo as he usually is. i enjoyed that. he is trying very hard. jessi and i talked about cutting quite a mite last night because shawn is trying to quit and i am not too sure what kind of support ot give him. i love the little fella to death! and then there is mister butcher! hee hee... he is such an emo beast right now. the time is getting so close and i am so scared and he is so excited that he has gotten emo. all of the new things that will be occurring will be very different than anything i have ever felt. and it is all going to be so scary and... things... meh, perhaps i will not worry about it today... shawn and i are going to go find some swings today after work and play! **is pleased** i haven't played on a set of swings in years! well then, i am off to snuggle max a mite. have a miraculous day! awww... i forgot, i got to hang out with ashley also yesterday; i missed her so much! god i hate work and school! **shakes fist** adios all!


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