Friday, 30 January 2004

** is wildly pleased**

hey there everyone in internet-land! how goes it? i am quite well despite all of my bouts of emo-ness lately. i feel quite good today.. a lot on the old mind, i guess... i was becoming afraid that perhaps i would not get my ticket and get to england, but i purchased it today... i am so pleased about that! perhaps not as much as everyone else though... all of the other people in my life seem to be much more pleased and excited about my trip than me. i am very nervous. so scared... heh... maria is going to take chris and me to the ocean the day after i get there... it will be amazing... i will keep all of you updated whilst i am there... perhaps on a near-daily basis. i am very tired today and i am going to have to get myself into the mode of hanging out with people as much as possible before i leave... i want to leave no person without a hug :) i am going to miss everyone to a wild extent. especially ashley. **waves to her** well, i am off to babysit and force the children to watch finding nemo... have a miraculous evening! **blows kisses**


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