Tuesday, 29 June 2010

it's ready!

It is impossible for me to have a weekend with janey that does not bear the fruit of a billion things that I heart for the week. I always come away from our extra-long playdates with my book heaving with train tickets, found-items, photos and scribbled, drunken handwriting. 

This visit is absolutely no different and should hopefully offer you a fun little list to cast your gaze over this week… please enjoy, dudes.

Polish instant soups
When our designated payday falls on a weekend so we get paid early 

Janeyweekends… oh em gee yes! I love weekends when we are due to hang out; when one of us makes that long trek either north or south to see the other. I love the anticipation that builds up through the day… like when I was a kid and I would be excited about the four-hour long drive to my grandparent’s house in Colorado for Christmas… the anticipation to see someone you love just SO MUCH that you can barely hide your glee. THAT is what I have with janey in the days building up to a designated weekend together. The excitement is only made worse by the fact that we text one another constantly. As the day draws nearer we begin texting more often and the texts tend to contain more swear words. We text about all the things we want to do, many of them not actually things we will ever do (ie. Recreate the choreography from a famous Bollywood film at a local metal club), but still fun to muse about. Then one of us arrives at the other’s train station and we hug. Janey hugs make me the happiest because they are so genuine and warm. Once we’ve settled, the chaos ensues and it’s just magical. She’s such an amazing person and I love every single tiny second that I get to spend with her. The greatest moment from entire weekend this time took place at a little pub in Angel. We marched in there on a whim, wanting a cola and some water (yeah, we’re THAT great on a night out, we drink water. Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!) and found that it was a soul night made all the more special because it was dedicated to Michael Jackson that night. Upon walking in and perching at the bar we noticed that there were several boys, mostly negros, dancing in small packs throughout the local vicinity. Now, when I say ‘dancing,’ I mean actually DANCING… these boys could bust a move and made janey and I froth like a couple of dogs with rabies. We watched the boys for the bulk of the night and were suitably impressed as we sipped our cola and were photographed by various people, presumably because of our appearances, which was distinctly different to anyone else in the entire place. We danced and enjoyed ourselves for several hours before going home and relaxing in bed for a long night’s slumber.
Tomato soup
Nick Parker
My life
… occasionally, I actually have to stop, catch my breath and say, “are you freaking kidding me?!” my life is just THAT incredible. I have literally got everything I could ever even possibly imagine I’d need directly in front of me and I couldn’t be happier. I have all the most amazing friends, fairly good health, a good head on my shoulders, seemingly flawless luck and… well… I mean, my life is everything I ever wanted it to be. I live in England, the boy I fell in love with ten years ago has gotten back in touch with me and we are having a proper go at it, one of my best friends is an incredible musician and artist, I am about to take a one-year holiday to america to travel, work and eat, I get a shit-ton of free or cheap tattoos and I tend to find jobs that embrace the way I live. I have the most perfect life that has been tailored specifically around me and how I want to live. I rarely have to make compromises and often laugh… my life is bliss.
When Dane actually emails me when he says he will
When my expectations aren’t smashed
Drawing things
The blissful chaos in our house
… I was concerned about how it would work out. how all of our things would blend together and what the house would look like with the combined forces of his crap AND my crap all under one roof. Needless to say, there WERE some teething issues, we DID make some messes and I’m not gonna lie, there are still corners of the house that look like tiny tornados ripped through them, destroying everything in their tiny little whirlwindy path. It’s not been almost three weeks and our lives have settled into this beautiful little formation that is perfect for us. Our schedules tend to work together well, our stuff has all made bff with one another and I still have my own tiny baking area in the kitchen. I get to wake up every morning, see the skinned clown music box next to the vintage Singer sewing machine and remember that I am living with my best friend and fall madly in love with my life once more.
Morning calls from Janey
Chatting on Skype with people
Picking at my cuticles
… oh my sweet baby jesus in a handbasket! I have fallen in love with frankfurters in a big way. It started when Pow brought some home the other night because I was in a bad mood and he wanted to lift my spirits (and what more could a girl need than smoked hot dogs!?). They started flirting with me even before their packaging had been opened, allowing guffs of their sexy, smoked scent to escape and fly into my nostrils… Pow released them from their plastic traps (which I was imagining, in this foodporn scenario was some sort of food PVC) and poured them into the boiling water. I watched them dance in a saucily seductive way for the next ten minutes as I pulled out the condiments I would slather all over them before making sweet love to them with my mouth. They wriggled and writhed until Pow drained them and tossed them all on a plate… since that first interaction I cannot help but need them in my life as often as possible. Janey fed them to me with boiled rice, a fried egg and soy sauce (a thai breakfast from her childhood) and Pow and I eat them at least twice a week… I am in love with thee oh Frankfurter, please do not forsake me!
Really good cupcake recipe books
Vintage cookbooks
My list book
When people praise my blog
… it does not happen often, but when it does it makes me a happy little bear!
Jokes that are actually funny
Finding interesting things on the road
The smell of a new car
Reminders from the night Claire and I got kicked out of three pubs in Derby
Chicken Kievs
Facial tattoos
Train journeys
Watching the sun go down
Camera Obscura
People-watching with Janey
British accents
Cyber Candy
Heavy makeup on my eyes
The fact that Nick calls me ‘Bitch Tits’
My rack
Chuck Palahniuk
Dim Sum 

Franny… oh what a beautiful, tiny little creature. I remember before we started talking more I always used to watch her and be so shocked by what a beautiful creature she was. Her face just lights up in all the right places when she laughs and she has the most fabulous personality ever (and OMG her rack is stupendous!). I love that we have started spending more time talking and hanging out in the last couple of months, and to be honest, I have no idea what my nights out at the pub would be like without her, she makes the nights complete and I can’t thank her enough for that.
Sausage Buns
Ridiculous names for shops
Not being lied to
Muffin emails
When Chris isn’t being a retarded, difficult jerk
Horn sections
People with Down’s Syndrome
Low-cut tops
Kimya Dawson
Michael Jackson
Muffin’s voice
Steamed spinach dumplings
Dolly Parton
Janey’s mum and dad
Caribbean food
… beans, rice and chicken, OH MY! NOM!
Good t-shirts
My jeggings
Retarded dogs
Beautiful lyrics
Spicy fried chicken sushi
Pop art
Jarvis Cocker
Trying to write on trains
How late it stays light out in the summer
Being given good clothes
Air conditioning in the summer
Coloured fags
“Elvis Ain’t Dead” by Scouting for Girls
When songs are able to remind me of a very specific memory/time
… like when I hear “Rude Boy” by Rhianna, I am immediately whisked back to the gay club with Nick and Franny, watching Nick do his sassy little dance and making me laugh like I’ve not laughed in years.
Being randomly photographed
Janey’s handwriting
When I’m on a train home and we get to Leicester
… exclusively because this is the penultimate stop before  home and who doesn’t love that last home-stretch after a long journey?
Bearded pigs
NOT being sat behind/next to a fucking writhey bastard
The “Cooking With The Stars” videos Pow and I make
Sexual innuendo
Leek and potato soup
Crusty bread rolls
Homemade shortbread biscuits

Alastair Powers… SUCH a beautiful creature. Our bonding has been increasing in velocity in the last few weeks. We spend more time together and talk much more often. The interactions we have are so much more smooth and perfect than they used to be and I love that about us. When we spend time together everything just immediately falls into place and no matter how often we talk we ALWAYS get mega-excited about telling each other all the tiny things that we might have missed in between. He’s just a special creature and I love spending time with him. I could never thank him enough for the time we spend together. 


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