Tuesday, 12 October 2010

go lightly into this tuesday...

things are moving slow for me, firstly because of the substantial amounts of valium i took last night to aid my sleeping, and secondly, because of the amount i seem to need to cough every two moments.

i have some other blogs to write, so i'll just go ahead and do this list now...

have it!

REALLY greasy Cheetos... yeah, the ones from the VERY bottom of the bag that are COVERED in that sexy, cheesy grease. OMNOM!
ASHLEY AND GUS WEDDING... a day i had never anticipated i'd be such a big part of. when ashely told me she was getting married i expected to get an invitation and to be seated somewhere near the back of the room, given our history and and how little i've seen her in the last six years. i was more than happy for this though, because being ANY part of the day that joined this couple that should have been married YEARS ago would have been good enough for me. instead, i was asked to be the Maid of Honour and as a result i spent the day prancing, holding extra flowers and almost dying whilst prancing up and down the stairs to perform tasks. it was a beautiful day and the most wonderfully perfect wedding i've ever been to and i will always hold the memories, hugs and smiles that were shared from that day special.
having a scratchy voice the day after a night of smoking and shouting... yeah, when i drink, there are two things i like to do most, sing REALLY obnoxiously to ANY song that's on, and smoke. both of which i did in abundance on Sunday at Ashley's wedding. upon rousing yesterday morning, my voice has sounded JUST like demi moore's and i am VERY pleased about that fact.
Ryu... the son of the boyfriend and all-around cutie-pie.
Gustin White... i won't lie, there've been some rough times, times when i was concerned i wouldn't trust him again, but when i see the way he looks at my best friend, i can't help but get all melty and wish that i had a boy as beautifully in love with me as he is with her.
ASHLEY WHITE... no words. there are no words. i wept through her entire wedding because this magical thing was finally happening for her and i felt so, so happy for her. i've never felt so happy for another person before and... i just love her. a lot. she's beautiful, amazing and makes me remember to notice the sparkly things when i forget. <3
Bud Light... yeah, barftown, i know. but my love affair with it has reached new highs and i NEVER will forsake it. ever.
old photos of my grandparents
REALLY deformed Ranchus
clear communication
Chicken Cordon Bleu
pizza rolls
weather that warrants wearing layers
my wedding speech... read from the back of the funny pages, it delighted me to no end. i was roused from a dead sleep with the inspiration to write it and i feel it turned out PERFECTLY.
having fake nails
the relationship i'm building with my sisters
when people ask if they can see my vagina... the tattoo, not my personal lady garden.
secure bras
bonding with Evan over zombies
friendly dogs
when a photo turns out like you'd hope it would
Ardent Photography
Calla Lillies
Taco Bell
Coca-Cola cake
feeling stable and in control of my emotions
finishing a project
plucking hairs
talking about my tattoos when i'm in the mood
catching the bouquet


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