Tuesday, 26 October 2010

my name is tuesday...

yep. a better mood today. whilst there are still no job prospects, things FEEL better for me. things FEEL okay... mostly.

i've been talking to people and occupying myself and am overall just a tiny little happy camper when i don't stop and think about everything too much.

granted, i AM still overthinking things, because who would i be if i didn't? i'm still having little freak-outs, but they SEEM to be coming in less fast and thick. more slow and thin? yes. i'll stand by that.

let's just do this list, yes? i'm gonna warn you now, it'll be a little graphic, so if you are a family member or friend who still thinks i don't have sex, please stop reading now.

llama lips
Mike Rowe... PHWOAR! are you KIDDING me?! how have i never seen him before and WHY are we not married yet?!
talking to janey... it's like being back in england, where i can ring her without it costing me my soul. i love janeyface so much and talking to her again on a regular basis has really helped me.
having a shaved head
going to work out at the gym on base... primarily fun because it's free and secondarily because i get to see all the ARMY boys get all squirmy when they see me prance in in my excited manner and bust out my tattoos and... well, it's just fun. saturday saw no less than twenty boys come in PURELY just to look at me and then leave, as if each one would leave and go out to tell the next person about the "alternative girl with a shaved head" rocking out on the elliptical (which i WAS doing, hardcore.)
baby goats
Rubbermaid products
blueberry muffins... which i made and have delighted a couple of people with. i shall delight more with them tonight.
the sound of a person's (Muffin's) breaking as they are about to cum... good GOD. SUCH a satisfying sound. like, sex  is good enough, but really, honestly, the best bit for me is when the other person starts that heavy breathing that means they're about to cum. SUCH a sexy, sexy, SEXY thing.
Sex... since we're on the topic. i've never rated it much, but i'll be goddamned if i don't want it like, every waking minute now. literally, Muffin is sick of me, but he DOES love boasting to his friends about his girlfriend that can't seem to keep away from his cock long enough for him to shower or eat.
when my two favourite Hoarder psychiatrists are on the same episode... oh i can't for the life of me find their bloody names anyplace, but one's the blond lady who's incredibly gentle, cuddly and helpful and the other's the no-nonsense guy with the ass-chin. i LOVE both of them equally and i simply can't CONTAIN myself when they're both one the same episode.
when Muffin purchases me cigarettes...  mostly because he HATES fags, but he knows that at the moment, they are a vice that makes me a little less mental, so he helps and buys them for me. i love him.
Austin Lucas
days when the rain falls heavy and hard
Sims 2... and also the fact that i am currently making a house with Janey and me in it that is amazingly classy.
mornings after a night without valium... i feel less groggy and alive, which is always nice.
doing laundry
being under 180lbs for the first time in YEARS
Sarah Luna
Josh Padgett
Alanna Padgett
writing Muffin secret notes and hiding them places
mocking Origami
texts from my sister
how fast my hairs are growing
planning my birthday
painting my nails


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