Tuesday, 5 October 2010


i've not written anything in my book for weeks. looking at it just offers painful reminders of things i've lost currently. i'll write this list from my head. try to remember the things that make me happy or have made me happy for the last week. there may be blurbs or there may not be. we'll see.

eileen's cookies
seeing old friends
prancing in ft collins
grape vines
cold water
smoking fags
egg nog
when i churn out a particularly good blog
emails from people
getting things done
really long, REALLY hot baths
french dip sandwiches
Red Lobster
applying for jobs
being warm
Family Guy
American Dad
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
supportive friends
coming to terms with things

meh, i need to go get on with my day, perhaps participate in the sunlight outside. go buy some fags, something.

i heart all you people that read this and offer me support... that's what i heart mostly at the moment. thank you all.



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