Sunday, 26 December 2010

and reflecting...

so, another year is nearly gone and here i am, with a life completely altered since the original post from below. everything has changed for me since December 30th 2009.

i have make a lot of sweeping shifts in the way i exist and have returned to this post regularly to remind myself that there are things i need to do to make my life better and more memorable in a time when i am liable to forget or lose myself and the important things in my life.

please, see my list of reflections from this last year.

  • spend as much time as possible with the important people in my life... i did this and have been doing this in abundance. this particular resolution was originally written with my british favourites in mind, but i have carried this little resolution across the ocean and have been living by it as much as possible, spending time with my family, old friends and new friends alike. i need people in my life right now. wonderful friends that offer me a support they most likely don't know that they do. i love them and look forward to embracing this for several years to come.
  • be more open-minded... i have mostly achieved this. i went to gigs i didn't REALLY want to and saw people i was reluctant to at first thought. i seized as many opportunities as i could and am really, unbelievably happy with the amount of memories i have made as a result of it.
  • downsize my i did a bit. i could have done better, but when it came down to the wire of me packing up my old house i just became terrified and choked. i brought more than i wanted to when i moved out, with some guidance from friends. i tried to be ruthless, but i need these memories and can't wait to get them back as soon as i get a job.
  • take really good care of my health... overall, my health is fairly fabulous. i've lost a substantial amount of weight and have been caring for my teeth and mental health very carefully. i can see a difference and i am overall happy with all i have achieved. there's still a lot more to accomplish, but i will and when i do, i will absolutely not regret it.
  • finish all my projects! no. this did not happen at all. instead, i started more projects and more lists of things that needed to get done and failed miserably at this resolution.
  • save at least £150 a month... again, no. i spent too much time cooking huge meals and baking hundreds of cupcakes and drinking to be able to save much of anything prior to my moving. i'm not awful with money, but i'm also not great.
  • get my washing-up done in a more timely manner... oh yes. this is my favourite. i did this like woah. i love doing the dishes and have been incredible at getting all dishes out of the sink within a day about 89% of the time.
  • listen to more music... and lots more music! Pow helped with this because he listened to music almost constantly and i have carried that habit over to america and have music playing well more than nine tenths of the day. it's stimulating and inspiring.
  • watch more films... like woah. i have watched well over two hundred films since this post, new ones and old ones.
  • blog more... well, so far, 127 blogs this year compared to like, 57 last year, so yes. done and done.
  • bake more often... good bejesus yes! i bake at least two or three times a week. cookies, bread, cakes, anything and everything.
  • be more reliable... overall, yes. i have my lame days, but mostly, i am fairly reliable and feel this year has been a good display of that.
  • write people more... i feel i have done this well enough. i tend to get myself wrapped up in little adolescent tizzies where i stop writing people until they write me first and am still practicing this with a couple of people, but overall, i have been fairly consistent at writing people and sticking to it.
  • get at LEAST ten more tattoos... ohhh... let's see. ten on the dot, from my estimation. dani filth, kevin's portrait, vagina rose, puffin, cupcake with scissors, tiny cupcake, jewflake, scissorflake, Caribbean Queen and the ducks. that's ten! yay!
  • have my stuff picked up from my house for shipment to america by September 12th... yeah, no. well, maybe? my stuff was out of MY house by september 15th, but it's still in england and waiting for me to get a job to send for it. sigh.
  • be back on american soil on september 15th **squee**... oh yes. done and done. 

overall, i am satisfied. i feel i've done fairly well. check back later for a new list of resolutions. it should be fun. 


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