Tuesday, 7 December 2010

yes, it's tuesday.

today, i am delighted. delighted and feel slightly frail. i feel ill and tired. i may go sleep for a bit after this, but we shall see how that goes. it's been a busy week emotionally and physically. busy but good.

please have my list:

watching things being played in rewind
cast iron cooking dishes
spearmint jelly... literally, OMG! Muffin took me to a Greek restaurant for din dins last week and i got a kebab and asked for "mint sauce" and she brought me this spearmint-flavoured jelly which i immediately decided i would steal and bring home to learn to make. it is brilliantly tasty. i love it and never, ever want it to not be in my life. ever.
trying to hold my breath as long as someone on a film or telly does... a hobby i've had since i can remember. literally, as a child, i can recall trying as hard as i could to keep my breath in as long as anyone on my telly screen did. rarely did i succeed, but when i did, i felt a sense of smug delight that still surfaces when i can beat someone today... also though, i tend to become stressed when i cannot beat them and they are still holding their breath long after i've lost mine. i become stressed and worry about how it would feel to die underwater. it's a double-edged sword, the hold holding my breath thing.
revolving doors
Sarah Luna... she's just an incredible friend and i love, love, LOVE that she coincidentally lives in the same place that i've moved. it's lovely spending time with her and going on adventures around Washington with her.
music by Randy Newman
Muffin... any bad things aside, he's incredibly beautiful and makes me smile bigger than anyone ever has. he's so beautiful and listens to me and loves me. things are all just so new at the moment and he's just... i love him. everything about him. he's a beautiful person and i adore the evenings that we get to spend together and the mornings i get to see him before he goes to work. it's not completely what i dreamed of yet, but it will be, i can tell. for all the fragile moments we spend together, i love him... because he knows me and i know him. we'll be okay, i can feel it in my bones.
Hurt Locker... for two reasons. it's a BLOODY excellent film, and also because, after reading my blog, Muffin put this film on and walked me through the emotions of his time in Iraq... we talked through it and, well, it was special. that's all i can say.
new plugs
interviews... because i am EXCELLENT at them! i talk a LOT and most of the time, the interviewer tends to love the shit out of me. let's hope it's the same for yesterday's and i get this job. fingers crossed!
Muffin smell
morning snuggles
Amy Blackwell
The All New Adventures of Us
when i drive without stalling the car
Taco Bell
lying in the bath and looking at my tattoos
working out
dreamless sleeps... which i seem to have found a love for over the last week, after a series of horrific nights that have offered me awful dreams. SUCH awful dreams. i now relish the mornings after a night of dreamless sleep, because it means i have actually slept and haven't awoken with a confused and hurting head.

i am pretty certain that's it. 


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