Tuesday, 14 December 2010

quickly, tuesday.

i'm currently dying, so i will make this list a quick one.

when supermarkets wrap their teller number lights up like christmas presents
when dogs lick my feet
being on "ugliest tattoos"
belly pork
food processors
lying in bed and reading cookbooks
this thirty-day photo project
REALLY cold water
finding someone with a tattoo that is VERY similar to someone else's, who thought he was being original. 
dr pepper
chicken burgers
when Muffin opens up to me
days in bed doing nothing
the amount of interviews i have coming in now
when Booger behaves
Ashton Kutcher
leaving Muffin love notes
baking new flavours of cupcake
crocheting something wonderful and seeing someone's face when they receive it
my bed

sorry about the lazy list. i am violently ill today and kinda want to die. i just thought i would stick with the dedication of tuesdays.

have a magical day.



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