Sunday, 12 December 2010

Day 06 - A picture of somewhere you've been.

Auschwitz. Krakow, Poland. 

my trip to Poland took place with Christopher and two of my arch enemies (who were consequently not my arch enemies at the time, but immediately became my arch enemies when we landed back on british soil) back in 2007 for my birthday.

we decided on Poland randomly, as the flights were incredibly cheap and short.

we flew and i fell in love with it immediately. the instant the cool night air hit my face as we walked off the plane i knew that i would have to find a way to live there one day.

the trip to Auschwitz was aggressively denied by Christopher, so i went with one of my arch enemies and it was amazing... not as touching as i had expected it to be, but still totally worth every moment we spent there. the history can be felt and seen first hand. it's a beautiful and quiet place that i would very much like to visit again (purely because half the camp was closed-off for the winter period, leaving us only to be able to peruse the remnants of the original camp and not any later additions to the camp.

it's worth going, but please, know that it is difficult to completely submerge yourself in the history of the place due to the fact that a lot of the writing and information is not in english.


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