Tuesday, 25 January 2011

fag then blog, as promised.

bargh! tuesday!

i'm kinda on a rush to get this done, as i am about to prance out with sarah for a day of wii sports, so i have to make this quick-ish.

the week's been a little "blah." lots of emotions, revelations and talks with people, which have all led me to come to a few somewhat harsh realities, but good ones. we'll see how they pan out, and you can pretty much guess that i will be blogging about them soon-ish.

anyways. here, have a list.

that moment, when you're about to fall asleep and you feel your entire body just relax
feather pillows
driving Muffin's car... which i only, ONLY love because i am a retard. i learned how much i love driving Muffin's car on friday afternoon. after i practiced parallel parking in a car i'd never been in before and, as a result, crashed it into Muffin's OTHER vehicle, a jeep (aka, a tank). the car i crashed had only been in my friend's possession for two weeks and, well, i felt like a goddamn dick and now don't feel like i could ever bring myself to drive any other car but Muffin's ever again for the rest of my life. sigh.
cream cheese
homemade meatloaf
having crafting epiphanies
the fact that my perfume smells of play-dough
Marlboro Skylines
perusing old photos
new haircuts
dressing in layers
unexpected surprises
when Muffin cuddles me without prompting

blah. that's it. sarah's gonna be here any moment and i need another fag and to finish talking to Muffin.

have a beautiful week all!



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