Tuesday, 4 January 2011

tuesday, 2011

so, the first one of 2011.

i am taking a break from prancing with the dog, cuddling boyface, cooking and tidying to sit and reflect on the last week with a smiling face.

the last week has been a beautiful collection of moments, things and emotions that i love and am very thankful for. very, drastically different from my first week in 2010, but still just as magical. i can pretty much say "so far, so good" with an honest and open mind.

so, without further ado, my first list of 2011...

having my toes licked by the dog
re-arranging the house
picking my nose
Henry Rollins
Dustin Hoffman
when Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman are in a film together
Muffin's nightguard... for much of our time together my lack of sleep has come primarily from the fact that he grinds his goddamn teeth like he's trying to end world hunger or something (which, in retrospect, after having typed that, i realize that makes no sense... who cares? i don't want to think up another metaphor). only after much, MUCH nagging and many suggestions at the recommendation of my sister, did he finally go to the dentist to get a mold done of his teeth and therefore get a nightguard. since he's had it my nights are less interrupted (in that i sleep at least an extra hour each night, which previously was spent listening to him grind and grabbing his face until he stopped). it's nice, and i heart it.
when someone comes in from outdoors and smells like the crisp, fresh air
femme fatale films
when you can see the boom in the shot
watching Muffin create his website... NOT to be confused with me hearting the fact that he is making one, as THAT is a sore point in our lives and i don't like discussing it. the actual hearting comes from the fact that i just enjoy seeing his little face light up when he makes a really good page or gets some part of the HTML right.
my super-long scarf... 2x the length of me, BOO-YA!
Drew Barrymore
Intervention... my actual drug of choice now. Muffin mistakenly showed it to me on New Year's Eve and now i'm done for. soon i will need an Intervention intervention. but only if Jeff will head it for me.
Jeff Van Vonderen
whipping cream
maple syrup
my slow cooker
pretty dresses
drawing vaginas
coal pencils
messy art


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