Tuesday, 11 January 2011

things that i heart...

the last seven days have been fairly horrific and emotional for me. my womb has been playing very rough with my insides since thursday (the reason, i'm guessing, is because i've been taking iron tablets. i can only imagine that my little typically anemic body is not used to having to pass more substantial blood clots), so i've been a wreck that was more or less left in an inconsolable heap of weeping and misery the entirety of the weekend, only to come out of THAT funk to be fabulously sassy and nit-picky about everything i possibly can.

so, it's  been nice in the honeybun/muffin household. very nice and not at all full of grouchy and snarky.

despite the wonderful things that i've been FEELING for the last week, i have still found it in me to make a list. a list of things that, even in the state of emotional red alert i've been in, i can still enjoy and put the estrogen aside long enough to write in my book.

so here you go:

push-up bras... it's no secret that my favourite thing about myself is my rack. i love it and when i find a bra that makes it look even better than usual i can't help but do a prancy little dance and show them off to Muffin. so much so that on our journey to Taco Bell last night for a late-night snack after a serious romp, i decided to see Muffin's proposal of going out with just a jacket on with my own version of going out with nothing but a bra and a scarf on. my rack looked magnificent and the gentleman at TB was suitably interested in our order when we pulled forward to the second window.
thick, wool socks
thermal tops... during the colder weather all i care about is wearing layers and making sure i wear the cutest layers possible. mostly, those layers are based with a sassy little thermal top and covered with a cutesy little tee shirt and then a button-up shirt and THEN a cardigan. my favourite of all those layers, without fail is the warm comfort of a thermal wonderland.
drawing vaginas... apparently, my newest obsession; or so my sketchbook says.
Dinner for Schmucks... good sweet jesus crisps! this film! THIS. FILM. if you have not had the chance to see it, for the sake of everything sacred in the world, please go get it and watch it. i was thoroughly impressed with the cast and the storyline and good GOD the taxidermy. an AMAZING film.
watching Muffin and Booger bond... i love my boys and i adore it when Muffin snuggles him and plays with him. it's adorable and makes my days magical.
french onion soup
Booger cuddles... i don't know if it's been the cold weather or what, but that dog has just been desperate to cuddle as close to me as possible as often as possible. he wants to be wherever i am, touching me and sleeping. most of my days are spent playing videogames or watching documentaries (obviously after all my chores have been done) with Booger nestled under my arm or under the blanket.
Katamari Forever... GOD i am spoiled and have the best boyface in the land. i've been complaining about needing this game for weeks now and Muffin has gone out of his way to stop in every shop he can find that sells video games to ask if they have it. it wasn't until saturday when we made a very random stop at a game store near walmart to see if they had something for him to use when he plays Black Ops (don't get me onto THAT topic) and whilst he found that they didn't have what he needed i found the golden ticket in the shape of a ps3 game box. i was caught up in a world of my own, imagining all the katamaris i would roll up when i heard Muffin mumble something to the clerk about Katamari Forever, to which i personally responded with a loud squeal and an over-enthusiastic bump into his shoulder. he immediately purchased it and now my days are consumed by cutesy asian funtimes.
painting my nails white
country music
Stephanie's new baby boy! oh SQUEE!! it doesn't seem to have been nine months, but my beautiful friend in georgia has finally had her little man, just this afternoon, no less. i wish her and bret all the best luck in the world with their new little bundle of baby!
my cupcake perfume
seeing how excited Muffin gets when he sees a monster truck
The Postal Service
fried bread
PICKLES... literally, i CANNOT eat them often enough. i'm just sayin'.
LaDonna... my sister is my rock a lot of the time. she and i have forged such an amazingly beautiful relationship and it just makes me so grateful that i have her in my life. she's an incredible person.

also, i love these photos.


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