Tuesday, 18 January 2011

photo tuesday, it seems.

well, i was just going to cop out and do an incredibly lazy blog, but i decided whilst sat outside having my morning fag about ten minutes ago that i just can't. it's been a week of hearting a lot of things. some more than others, and some much, MUCH more than others, but hearting still.

sparrows... by far my favourite thing about sparrows, and most other tiny birds are their legs. i am constantly enchanted by the fact that they are so little, like toothpicks. i find it fascinating to see something so, so minuscule carrying bodies much larger than them.
my blog... firstly because i like to write and vent, but secondly because it allows me a place to say the things i need to say for people to read and digest in their own time. it's a special place for me to open up and allow people to process whatever they need to and get whatever they can or want to out of it.
dr pepper
del taco
fresh sheets
my handwriting... sometimes... very, VERY occasionally.
unnecessarily american things... stemming from my time in england, my eyes were opened to how stupidly american some people can be over here. it was in the six years i was there that i realized just how silly americans are how out of control they can be about being just as super american as they very possibly can be. it's because of this that i find it to be fairly delightful when i find little ridiculous things that remind me, like the little wet-wipe that i found in a package of candy floss on friday night. it sends me into fits of laughter and i love, especially that Muffin laughs at these things with me.
freshly painted nails
Quarter Pounders
George, the Mohawk Warrior... phwoar! i fell in love with his truck first, after seeing it and hearing the announcement that his truck was the owner of the "world's largest mohawk." there is just something about mohawks that still get my little gears rumbling even after all these years. so when he got out of his truck after performing some bitchin' moves and winning a race or two i began squealing and clutching onto Muffin, announcing that THAT was going to be my new future ex-husband. he was just beautiful and pranced all over the arena, harassing all the tractor drivers and friends. he is a beautiful man and i am pleased i got to see him, if only for the short couple of hours i did. i love you George, wherever you are.
pink lemonade
back scratches
getting a haircut
Beth... there are special people in my life, people i have never met or that i didn't even know existed until like, last week. my new sister's mum, Beth added me on facebook last week and has been a beautiful source of support and kind words since then. she added me with the note that she would offer me any information i wanted about my father if i wished. i haven't really gotten to that, because i'm still in the process of getting used to having OMGMOREFAMILY, but it's just nice to have someone there who is just so kind and uplifting.
Safeway cupcake icing... just shut up, okay. saturday Muffin and i were prancing around safeway, in search of something that i just cannot seem to find, that will fill this tiny hungry void in my belly when i found the cupcake section. now, as a defined "cupcake nazi," i don't tend to eat anyone else's cupcakes, store bought or otherwise. the only reason i might delve into this foreign and forbidden territory is if i am doing it for "research purposes." my research was put on halt when i found the cakes at safeway. i saw them and remembered so, so fondly, the years i spent as a child eating cupcakes from safeway and adoring them. i would buy a pack of six and eat them all by the end of the day, sharing only small morsels with my dog. saturday was my opportunity to participate in a re-kindling of that love affair. the cake was goddamn disgusting, but the icing.... oh my LORD the icing. it's my new bff, for it was the perfect flavour and also, appeared to have been piped on to look like a particularly flappy vagina (i'm aware it was meant to be a rose, but i remain firm in my belief that it WAS a vagina, so shut up.)
hearing Muffin come home... yes, because you CAN hear him and i love that. his car and planning a suggestive or fun way to greet him every day.
fucking hot showers
showering with Muffin... which is hot in it's own right, but not in the temperature way.
the way the dog photobombs... bwee!! he's too cutesy for me to not mention his stupid face and the way he bombs any and all photos he possibly can with his little, ridiculous face.
our bedroom
Kiepert... just a beautiful, wonderful, little squishy man. he's one of Muffin's soldiers and i heart his tiny face. he cuddles me everytime i see him and always loves to talk about crafts and baking, which i adore.
Roger from American Dad
Eternal Sunshine... for many reasons. it's a beautiful film, which comes first and foremost. the other thing i love about that film is something that has been there since the first time i watched it, which isn't too often, due to the emotions it likes to conjure up. i first saw this film after Muffin broke my heart one of the many times he did. i saw it and immediately wished that i could do that... wished i could erase him and not have to deal with all the crap that i do... since then, i watch it and imagine who i could erase (it's typically anyone who i am hurting for a particular amount at that given time) and what i would have to get rid of to do that. what things i would offer them to erase all the memories that i have of certain people. more often than not, i know an ultimate erasing of the big ones just couldn't happen because you just can't erase smells or films from your life completely, but it's nice to imagine sometimes.
starting up a new diary
good dreams... because most of my dreams are horrific. i love it when i wake in the morning without a fuzzy head, wet face and tense muscles. my bad dreams are mostly about Origami, my mum, Pow, Molly or Muffin recently, but occasionally, i dream about beautiful things and those dreams are special to me. so, so special.
Lou Reed
laundry detergent


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