Monday, 11 January 2010

101 in 1001

as a serial list-maker, i found it incredible delightful to stumble across a fabulous list concept on a website today. it's called a ‘101 in 1001′ list. it's not a completely new idea but i immediately knew, once i read abut it that it was something i HAD to do. i have so many huge things that will be going on over the next year, let alone 1,001 days, it would be nice to be able to have something to reflect on and allow me to take accountability for. it's a fairly simple concept, you put down 101 goals that you would like to achieve in 1001 days. these goals have to be attainable and measurable. you publish the list somewhere so people can see your accountability and when you accomplish a goal you mark it off with the date completed. so here it is folks, my 101 in 1001.

danie's 101 in 1001 (to be completed by October 8th 2012
  1. slim down to the weight i was when i moved to england.
  2. blog every day for one month.
  3. move back to cheyenne.
  4. get my british citizenship.
  5. get my british passport.
  6. finish all the projects i promised pow pow for johnny and help make his dream real (the phone, the bear blanket, the pig lamp, the guinea pig-skin 'rug', the pizza and the costume)
  7. tell the muffin every single day how much i love him and how lucky i feel to have him in my life.
  8. get a really wonderful job in america.
  9. reunite with friends i thought were long gone.
  10. stretch my ear lobes to 30mm.
  11. downsize my life for ease of transport and integration with the muffin.
  12. make at least one thing for every one of my creatures here in the UK before i leave 
  13. complete my pattern book for pow pow.
  14. find the perfect house for the muffin and i to live in.
  15. learn to drive.
  16. get another 13 tattoos.
  17. write a letter to all my most important UK creatures, telling them how special they are to me and how much they have helped me since i've been here (specifically: janey, chris, jaacq, hannah, goncalves and lee lee)
  18. take photos of every event in my life, no matter how insignificant it may seem.
  19. REALLY sort out my money management skills.
  20. read 20 of my books.
  21. find a creative circle in cheyenne where i can flourish.
  22. find a creative circle wherever the muffin and i decide to settle so i can flourish.
  23. create a calendar of friend/family birthdays.
  24. have a photo session with me and janey.
  25. get my back finished.
  26. do something amazing for someone in need and tell no one.
  27. get proper photos of all my tattoos.
  28. finish my photo collage.
  29. help my sisters learn to love the muffin (when i TELL them, that is)
  30. make a toy for molly.
  31. send out ashley's amazing birthday parcel.
  32. have a proper baking and crafting weekend with janey.
  33. own all of the books ever written by henry rollins.
  34. get lists from at least two celebrities.
  35. write my sisters letters telling them how much i love them and how special they are to me.
  36. scatter my mum's ashes with my sisters.
  37. meet my father.
  38. write the muffin one letter every day for one month.
  39. grow my hair out long enough to put it in pig-tails.
  40. crochet a jumper.
  41. pursue publishers with my lists.
  42. learn to play my xylophone properly.
  43. play in the sea in california.
  44. finish the taxidermy project that is STILL in my fridge.
  45. send at least 50 christmas cards one year.
  46. visit 5 states i have never been to.
  47. make videos of me and my english friends (specifically: janey, pow pow, jaacq, hannah, goncalves, tree and lee lee)
  48. proposition justin smith esquire to a bake-off.
  49. finish my pow pow book and give it to him.
  50. buy a REALLY good digital camera.
  51. get a basset hound or sausage dog.
  52. go an entire year without anti-depressants.
  53. have at least 20 more movie dates with pow pow.
  54. go out on a really fun adventure with ladonna.
  55. have a REALLY special baking date with emmily.
  56. stay smoke-free for one year.
  57. meet molly and be okay with it.
  58. get my tattoo for my mum with some of her ashes in.
  59. wear makeup every day for one month.
  60. finish my 'scrap skirt.'
  61. get 50 more lists.
  62. make a homemade dinner every night for one month.
  63. hand-sew a dress for myself.
  64. learn to play the violin properly.
  65. tattoo someone.
  66. learn to cook 10 new meals.
  67. re-watch every episode of desperate housewives again.
  68. find a shop to sell some of my things in.
  69. crochet the gas mask.
  70. embroider something REALLY fabulous.
  71. brew my own cider.
  72. take paige out on a really special day-long adventure.
  73. finish my photo album.
  74. completely organize my hard drive.
  75. hem and mend my favourite pair of trousers that have been sitting in the 'to do' pile for over a year.
  76. workout every day for one month.
  77. go to the cinema once a week, every week for three months.
  78. have a set of really nice photos taken with my sisters.
  79. cook a really fabulous meal for my grandparents.
  80. collate all my favourite recipes into one book.
  81. make myself a pair of plugs with the rams-horn shells in them.
  82. get good health insurance in america.
  83. visit the uk once (obviously, post-move).
  84. get my 'paige tattoo' finished.
  85. get my 'chris tattoo.'
  86. make the intestine jumper for pow pow.
  87. paint a giant cupcake.
  88. re-learn how to cook when i return to america.
  89. successfully teach two people to crochet.
  90. re-read all of henry rollin's books.
  91. buy a really fabulous sofa.
  92. create a coherent filing system for all my important paperwork.
  93. take part in a fabulously special day for ashley and me to play and bond again.
  94. finish the '77 reasons to love my life' project on my blog.
  95. make a professional-looking cake
  96. attend a cake decorating course.
  97. find and purchase an amazing and swoon-worthy piece of taxidermy.
  98. volunteer some time to a charity.


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