Monday, 4 January 2010

i resolve...

2010... here we are. another year, another series of events that will shape the rest of my life.

this year is going to be massive for me for so, SO many reasons. i am looking onwards toward this year with excitement, fear and love and we are only two days in.

i plan to make some definite resolutions, as a result of the roaring success of last year's resolutions. please see below and enjoy!

  • spend as much time as possible with the important people in my life... i am becoming increasingly aware of the fact that i will be leaving soon and i need to make sure that i spend as many hours as possible cuddling all the special people in my life. i have let far too many people slip away in my time here and i hate myself for that. there are clear 'big ones' that i REALLY need to cuddle (janeyface, pow pow, hannah, goncalves, tree, jaacqy, charlie) but i really need to make sure that i pull out all the stops with my love and make sure EVERYONE knows how important they are to me. 
  • be more open-minded... like, clearly, i am not THAT closed-minded anyways, but i tend to let myself get carried away if i am hesitant or scared of something. i will more often than not go without rather than go out on a limb... this can pertain to going out to a gig, trying a new food or meeting new people... i need to drop that mentality and REALLY embrace my life. love the things that surround me limitlessly. i need to allow myself to completely seize everything for what it is, a new, exciting experience with the potential to change my life.
  • downsize my life... obviously, because i am moving to america in a mere nine months, it is important that i make sure it is as stress-free as possible. originally, i was going to take ALL. MY. STUFF. back with me, but i decided that was probably not for the best... this is for two reasons: cost and ease of moving when the muffin and i shift to wherever it is we do. so, i will be going through my stuff over the next seven months and making sure that i deplete my stocks of crap, wool and clothes. 
  • take really good care of my health... in the last three months or so i have really gotten myself together health-wise... my mental health is fairly wonderful and my physical health, while okay, could be better. i want to get a better grasp on my health. i have gotten a taste for what it is like to lose weight and feel better about myself, and i want to feel BETTER, so i want to lose more weight, tone and eat even healthier. i suspect this will be easy enough until i move back to america, so i need to make sure i hold tightest to this one in september.
  • finish all my projects! yes, this needs to be done for MULTIPLE reasons... the most important projects are the ones for johnny, which need to be finished by like, the middle of march. other than that, i have like a billion blankets i need to finish, scarves, toys, jumpers... everything. i just need to get it done. on top of these projects, i want to get OTHER projects done that i have been thinking about for a while. essentially, i want to deplete my wool as much as possible before my move. 
  • save at least £150 a month... i want to do this for multiple reasons. obviously, the biggie is to aid me in moving back to america, but also, i want to make sure i have enough money saved up by the time i move to allow me to not have to work for a short period. i want to be able to scoot back to america and just take time to relish in the fact that i am back home with my family and friends again. i would ideally like to be able to have a couple of months off when i return, so i can envelope myself in my beast's wedding and then perhaps visit the muffin, but, well, we'll see. 
  • get my washing-up done in a more timely manner... oh yes, this is one thing that i struggle with the most. as much as i adore DOING the washing-up, i just never, ever seem to find myself getting around to doing it. now though, in 2010, i plan to ensure i get my dishes done within two days of using them... that's a good timeframe, yes? 
other things i resolve to do in 2010 WITHOUT blurbs:
  • listen to more music
  • watch more films
  • blog more
  • bake more often
  • be more reliable
  • write people more
  • remember every, single birthday AND send out cards!
  • get at LEAST ten more tattoos
  • have my stuff picked up from my house for shipment to america by September 12th. 
  • be back on american soil on september 15th **squee**
 and there you have it, a list of things i resolve to do this year. wish me luck! 


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