Tuesday, 5 January 2010

oh tuesday...

well! here we are... the first tuesday of 2010. jesus christ. 2009 seemed to have flown by and here we are, starting a new year filled with promise and excitement.

so, to start with a bang, let's get this tuesday thang on the road! please see below, the first official list of things danie hearts in 2010...

  • 2010.. the year so far, despite it only being five days old, has been so, wonderfully glorious. every single little part of these last five days has been made of it's own individual flavour of win. ringing in the new year was wonderful and spent around almost all my most favourite people in the world. the year so far has seen me meet with and have a really positive chat with my consultant and start a new group which will hopefully help me cope with the move and general day-to-day life in an even BETTER way. this is going to be the best year of my life so far, i reckon. 

  • my most recent playdate with pow pow... it had been nearly a month since i heard from him. thanksgiving evening i said my goodbyes and then, it seemed, he fell off the face of the planet. he started texting me again about a week ago and i fully expected that he would end up not following through with any semblance of a date and if he did, i was concerned with the amount of fail it might have been made of. when he told me to come round at one on sunday i jumped at the chance and bundled my way over in the cold armed with some provisions (dvd goodness, leather for the mask, his christmas present and a surplus of layers). i arrived, welcomed by an unexpectedly bright face and a deliciously warm cuddle. we listened to an audio project he was working on for a little while, chortled together and then pranced to the lounge where i perched on the sofa and kept him company whilst he cooked himself some form of exciting din dins. post-cooking we snuggled onto the sofa to watch a film. it was just like... like the last month hadn't even existed, like we were back to where we left off and we sat and talked and laughed and it was so nice. we kept looking at each other and smiling and it just felt like i was home... there is just nobody else i feel more comfortable with than him. he is such an amazingly wonderful friend and i have no idea what i would do without him. i got a little wrought with emotion a few times and my eyes leaked. it's just so hard to think that there will most likely only be like, twenty more of these magical dates before i leave... it hadn't really hit me prior to sunday.... prior to sitting there with him and just feeling so at ease with everything. after the first film we pranced over to blockbuster and scanned the entire store before settling on 'terminator salvation,' cheesy puffs and sweet popcorn. we made a final stop to the corner shop for some much-needed chocolate and cola and then made our way back to his house for OMGSNACKANDPHOTOFUNTIME, which was just wonderful and bore us the fruit of the greatest photo ever taken... not just of us, but in the world. overall, it was just such a magically wonderful day. just what i needed and another point for 2010. i love my pow pow more than i love most anyone in the world. i just want to put him in a suitcase and take him back to america with me. i wonder what customs would say. 
  • oh my GREAT GOD, 55 days! oh yes, it is getting painfully near. so near that i am really worried i might actually have a heart attack before he arrives. like, if i am THIS excited right now, what am i going to be like when it's FOUR weeks away (28 days!! OMG!!!!). i dread to imagine how unbearable i will be when he is less than a week away. the thought of it makes me feel sick in my tummy with excitement. 
  • planning really touristy things to do with the muffin... like, despite the fact that i have lived in england for the last five years, i have not really done a huge amount of tourist things. it is really fun and exciting to surf the derby and london websites for the best places to visit and plan days out. i am just as excited as he is about it all. 
  • when things with the estranged are not strained... the last week has just been so delightful. chris and i have generally been living together like normal people. we have made each other dinner, talked and have been overall, fairly amicable. it's been so nice. we've talked a lot about my move back and his reservations about moving out with john. we've talked about our respective significant others (his, i have now been referring to by her real name more often) and my family. it's just been nice and really, just what i could have hoped our last couple of weeks would have been. 
other things? yes please.

really thick and lovely soup, really tender lamb shanks, shortbread biscuits, viennese whirls, fine-tipped pens, ALDI, theo mcnaboe, the way carmen and paige smell, steve coogan, the fact that all the roads in my neighbourhood smell of curry, the smell of car exhaust, harmless drunk people, bus drivers that don't play by the rules, writing out christmas cards, my 'little red book,' when people ask about my tattoos, desperate housewives-season six, stand-up comedy, songs with beautiful lyrics, the pink pads on a puppy's feet, spreadsheets, NOT having a toothache, katie price, when the estranged is out of the house, my butterfly wing necklace from the muffin, jane fucking hallam, orange fanta, where the wild things are (the film), cleaning my ears out with cotton buds, the fact that people suspect me and janey of 'dyking it up,' the smell of warm maple syrup, ernest p doggins, maniac cop, when people i teach to crochet learn quickly, janey's cooking, being able to buy smaller clothes sizes, vic reeves, cuddly animals, they might be giants, ethnic shops, calling people 'jerks,' when an apt song comes on (like when i am texting pow pow and 'apple pie' comes on), my new crochet hook tattoo, a good cup of tea with shortbread to dip in it, pavement that is still fresh so it molds under my feet.      


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