Monday, 25 January 2010

oh tuesday, how i adore thee!

This week is just full of so many things that I love that I MIGHT just pop.
It has taken everything in me to avoid posting a list of things I love prior to today. I wanted to do a really good, juicy list today… and oh it will be a doozie.

I know I missed a week and I am ever-so sorry, I was embroiled in a little playdate with Lee Lee and I couldn’t tear myself away from him long enough to even be willing to type up a little list. 

I shall stop stalling and just get on with it… please, enjoy my list of things I heart this week!

  • Really bad horror films… there is little I love more than to watch a really awful, but prolifically entertaining horror film. Friday I had the joy of watching ‘Rat Man,’ which theo had procured for me for christmas. It had been on my ‘to watch’ list for near on five weeks and I was delighted when pow pow finally agreed to let me bring it to our most recent movie date. I absolutely ADORED it. I seem to find myself drawn more and more to horror films that haven’t had so much press time purely because it helps me to gain a full spectrum and also, it allows me to have something to show and talk to pow pow about with regard to Johnny. I really love seeing how other people use makeup, music, angles and suspense in films. I am a particular fan of the really, outrageously cheesy ones… the ones, like ‘Rat Man,’ which really ooze with bad acting, amazing makeup and a ridiculous amount of boob-shots. They please me. Other bad horror films that I have watched lately are 'The Abominable Dr Phibes' (FUCKING stupendous film!), 'Sleepaway Camp' (which is an old favourite from my youth, too excellent for words) and 'Student Bodies' (which i have the BIGGEST crush on ever! what an amazing film!).
  • 98%... Oh. My. God. This is most likely the most thrilling thing ever, in the world! The muffin advised me last week that, after MUCH harassment of the home office, his passport IS completed and they will be sending it to him this week! The instant he found out he told me that the percentage shot up from 92.5% to 98%. I actually died. Honestly, I died. I avoided getting TOO excited in the beginning because I wanted to wait until the percentage was above 85 but now, NOW it is nearing 100 and I MAY just have a little heart attack! We are a mere 38 days until the muffin arrives (give or take a day), and I honestly could not be more excited even if I wanted to.

  • Alastair Powers… this boy gets a big one this week. We had one of the best playdates in the history of P/DVB playdates on Friday. This playdate was wonderful for about eight reasons… all of which I will not list here. Essentially, it was just perfect… everything I could have possibly hoped it would be. We sat around a lot, had din dins (bratwurst and curly fries), his dad came over for a while (his dad has the SINGLE most amazing beard in the history of beards and can talk the hind legs off of a goat (whatever THAT means!) I love him), we talked SO MUCH (which is my favourite thing to do with pow pow… he almost always has amazingly insightful things to say), planned more Johnny stuff and recorded videos (one of us watching an egg timer and talking and the other of him singing my favourite song of his). Like, today, whilst i was speaking to him I became full of weep. I can’t stand the thought of his voice costing me more than 3p a minute to speak to. When I watch his videos, I tend to have to stop them because his face just kills me. It kills me to know that that face will be more than a twenty-minute walk from my house. I am going to miss him so hard when I go. I honestly cannot even fathom how I am going to leave him behind. I try so hard when I am with him to memorize every single tiny detail I can so I can take as many moments with me as possible when I move. Why do I have to love him so much? Why does he have to be so wonderful and cheeky and fabulous? Sometimes I WISH I could hate him.
  • Johnny… this is shaping up to be SO much fun! Like, every time I meet up with pow pow we decide on something new to do or some way to make the things we are doing even more fabulous. I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am that alastair has actually allowed me to become such a big part of this with him. I was trying to recall the other day when exactly it was decided that I would do all I have been doing and I honestly can’t remember. All I know is that I am now and am so, so happy for this because it has allowed me to really push myself creatively AND has given me more of an opportunity to hang out with my favourite boy ever. Every single day with every single thing that I complete or plan I get more and more excited thinking about the finished product. Last week I nearly completed the entire costume for tiny Dean to wear and this week, oh THIS WEEK! I am working on bears and bears and even more bears. The only respite I will have from OMGBEARFUNTIME will be Thursday when Kate (of the fabulous tattoos and face) and Mike (of the butchery trade and metal-head hair) will prance to mine with a skinned pig’s head and skull… it’s purpose? To be made into a lampshade. This lampshade will begin being created on Friday after I have pranced to pow pow’s to pick him up and drag him back to mine so’s he can photograph me sewing up the eyes and the back of the head. I will be stretching the skin around a lampshade ‘skeleton’ and letting it dry into a disturbing and ungodly sight. It will be fabulous! On top of THAT I will be finishing up the unfinished taxidermy project that has been in my fridge for nearing 7 months… Liam the guinea pig will very soon be turned into a tiny ‘guinea pig skin rug’ à la a bearskin rug, which will be used in a doll’s house in Johnny. It will be super fabulous and blow minds (and PERHAPS cause slight revulsion?).
  • OMGTATTOOTIME… at the end of next week I will be the proud recipient of four or five new tattoo babies, which pleases me more than anything. This will shoot my magic number to above thirty and will add some incredible pieces of art to my collection. I shall be getting my ‘chris tattoo’ (a puffin, done by the only person I would trust to do it, Kevin), my ‘jewflake’ (a snowflake with the star of david in the middle, created with everyone’s favourite jew in mind, lee lee), my ‘scissorflake’ (a snowflake made up entirely of scissors, to be placed on my skin to remember my time working on Johnny AND for pow pow) and a tattoo that lovingly says ‘I hate Dane’ in a fancy font. I am SO excited for tattoo time. It’s one of my favourite times, ever. yay!
  • OMGJANEYVISIT… yes kids, it’s that time again… time for the world to stop whilst danie has a three-day-long playdate with her favourite girl in the world. Janey and Theo will be arriving next Friday evening and we will exist in a flurry of drunken excitement whilst she tattoos me (well, perhaps not drunk WHILST she tattoos me, but drunk in between sessions), whilst we go out for full English breakfasts and whilst we eat OMGSOMUCH chinese food! her visit will also be host to the prolific event of my two favourites in the world actually meeting for the first time. her and pow pow will be attending a massive chinese buffet meal together with myself and theo (and PERHAPS the estranged, if he stops being so aloof) and it will be delightful. GOD i love janey visits!
  • taxi drivers who don't play by the rules
  • racist comedy
  • playdates with lee lee
  • the 'lies' i tell pow pow
  • my cupcake painting from pow pow
  • love songs
  • horn sections
  • sharks
  • my 'most haunted' date with lee lee
  • watching a film and remembering things you've said or done with someone whilst watching it... an excellent example of this was when, whilst watching '(500) days of summer'  the scene came up at the wedding where the band played 'at last.' the moment that i thought of immediately was when, at the cinema with pow pow, he grabbed my arm and gave it a good squeeze. for as crappy as his memory is, i simply adore that he recalled i walked down the aisle to that song and that it might upset me. 
  • playing duck, duck goose
  • completing a project
  • making lists
  • grape-flavoured jelly sweets
  • free tattoos
  • super-soft robes
  • primark
  • kimya dawson
  • strong jaw lines
  • 'further from the truth' by alastair pow3rs
  • racial slurs
  • the 'egg timer video'... ask me to show it to you someday, i might.
  • curtis baker's photography
  • dogs with three legs
  • interesting fonts
  • being back at work (AGAIN)
  • when people say my name
  • when people call me 'dan'
  • painting my nails fancy-like
  • updating my diary
  • this photo of me and lee... i've officially decided, this is actually THE single most beautiful photo in the history of photos... ever.


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