Monday, 11 January 2010

pure petroleum tuesday...

ohhh... two for two on the tuesdays, hey? yeahhh! i plan to be MUCH better with my tuesdays this year.

this week has been... uhhh... i don't even know. it seems literally like yesterday i was sitting down doing my last list of things i heart. i hope the whole year doesn't fly by like this. i need the time!!

eh, list. enjoy!
  • janey texts... they are my absolute favourite in the world. i can always be assured a fabulous text from her at least once a day and for that, i am delighted. she always sends me the funniest, most wonderful little ditties that either reek of smut or scream emo and love. my favourite from this week? it went as follows: 'Waiting for bus to work-van goes by with Dan's Luxury Travel on the side. It looks like a painted ambulance.Surely your customers would suffocate in that amount of luxury?x' she's my favourite. ever.
  • serious muffin talks... whilst i love the fun, joking talks we have (which are fairly constant) it is always nice to have the serious talks too. lately they have revolved a lot about his sons and what he would like to see happen with them when he returns to america. it's been really nice. i like that he is opening up to me about things more often. 
  • movie dates with my pow pow... as usual!
  • andrew jackson jihad
  • popping my wrists
  • viennese whirls
  • OMG lee lee date today and tomorrow! oh yes, my favourite lee lee is back in derby and we will have having a serious playdate in a mere eleven hours and then, THEN tomorrow we will be going to a live filming of Most Haunted. it is thrilling and i cannae wait to snuggle his little face off!
  • the smell of acrylic paint
  • stretching my ears
  • having a wee
  • my mum's handwriting
  • the amount the muffin loves me
  • my cleavage
  • cutting out patterns
  • johnny scissors chats with pow pow
  • my memory foam pillow (aka: 'fernando fernandez)
  • studying for my life in the UK test
  • kimya dawson
  • anatomy
  • my fake uggs
  • the amount of weight i've lost... and the resulting amazing feelings. 
  • the answers the muffin gives me when i ask him to tell me something lovely.. please see below:
starbeast: tell me something lovely dane
Him: something lovely huh? you look amazing lately and I am so proud of you for this weight loss, I hope you keep up with it and start feeling healthier and happier as time goes on.

Him: like
Him: when you smile, I see more of it now
Him: your face glows
starbeast: more of what?
Him: more of your smile
starbeast: oh?
Him: your face glows and you seem so much happier
Him: and then you smile and your cheeks look so cute
Him: there's just more expression now
Him: that's all I'm saying

thank you week, you have been delightful. 


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