Tuesday, 9 November 2010

i was dancin' in a tuesday bar

the week has flown and here we are, again, another tuesday with no job, but another tuesday that i am alive. i am pleased with that. i'm just gonna give you a list, because i can see a lot of blurbs coming on.

please have it, my list...

the air some chairs let out when you sit on them
wearing Lee Lee's shirt and smoking a fag... it is one of the little things that makes me feel like, if i close my eyeballs hard enough, that i am still back in England. it smells like evenings in eating vegan rice and watching programmes, it smells like walking around Five Lamps area and it smells like the best hugs ever.
love notes from Muffin... the two i've gotten since i've been in america have been special and have been awarded a special place in my book. they are few and far in between, which makes them so special.
driving... which originally stressful, i really am getting a handle on it and i feel a lot more confident. i enjoy it and the positive reinforcement that Muffin offers me when i park up at home.
realizing i get slightly better at driving every time i get the chance to
rocks that are shaped like hearts
walking on piles of fallen pine needles
ashley's optemism
cuddling Booger... i probably should have explained our dog. we got him two weeks ago and he is incredibly special. he was abused by his original owners, so he's a big weenie, but he loves me more than anything ever and we cuddle constantly. i adore him.
dressing in layers
walking in mud
painting my nails
Zach Galifianakis
my new hoover
days Muffin doesn't work TOO late
Broken Family Band
making cups of tea for people
days that it doesn't hurt that i've lost someone special to me
Fallout New Vegas
Sims 2
Muffin handwriting
watching Full House in the middle of the day in bed with a cup of tea
working out
how fast my hairs are growing
sitting on my porch, watching the rain and having a fag
coconut curry
artificial cinnamon flavouring


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