Wednesday, 17 November 2010

soooo... i missed tuesday, have a list!

just a quick one... things were a little shite yesterday and i just didn't have it in me to do a list, but the list for the week was a BLOODY good one, so please, have it:

touching animal ears... impossibly soft and wonderfully different, from the veins to the furs, i love them.
ashley wedding photos
tacky items
iced water
vintage clothes
doing crunches
pina coladas
laundry fresh out of the dryer
going in the back garden with the dog... i love watching him prance and run around like a tiny deer. our grass is slightly longer than it should be and he prances in a special way to stop it from rubbing too much on his belly and thus, tickling it, so i love going and chasing him around, making him prance.
how fast my hairs are growing
trashy markets
Asian markets
stop-animation films
coming into bed to find Muffin and Booger cuddling together after a perfect twenty-sixth birthday... a birthday blog is coming, but it is important to note how special it was to come into the bedroom after washing my face and having a bath to find the two of them lying on the bed looking so cutesy and polite and it just made my heart feel so, so huge because those are MY boys and i love them.
the night Muffin played guitar and sang all of my favourite songs to me... i had just stepped out of the bath on tuesday evening and was prancing to the bedroom to get into as many layers as possible when he lured me in with his big blue eyeballs and a song i was familiar with. for the next twenty minutes he sang to me with his lips as close to mine as possible and kissed me as often as possible. it was magical and still makes me glee when i think about it.
seeing old jack-o-lanterns on the side of the road after Halloween


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