Monday, 29 November 2010

a bit of crappy crap

Are you single? nope, happily taken by a beautiful boy.
Are you happy? overall, yes. overall, i am as happy as i think i can be given my current circumstances. 
Are you bored? not particularly. i guess a little... but not for the loss of things to do, because i have a shit-ton i could be doing.
Are you sad? mmm... slightly? i have an overall blah feeling, but i reckon it's from the cold outside and the tired. i should really take a sleep.
Are you Italian? nope.
Are you German? nope.
Are you Asian? i WISH!
Are you angry? i don't have a single angry bone in my body at the moment.
Are you Irish? nay.
Are your parents still married? nah. they divorced a billion years ago.

Birth Place? Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA.
Hair Color? brown... completely natural.
Hair Style? constantly out of control. i never know what's happening with it... since i had it shaved i just let it do it's own thing and that's just what it's doing. i heart it though, despite the stupid side-part it's developed all by itself.
Eye color? i THINK they're green... green and fabulous. i heart my eyeballs.
Birthday? november 14th.
Mood? meh.
Gender? girlier than a lot of girls (see: crocheting, baking, embroidering, sewing, cooking, weeing whilst sat, etc)
Lefty or Righty? i'm all about the right hand, yo.
Summer or Winter? i LOVE winter purely because the temperatures don't make me want to kill myself. i HATE being hot and i love snow, so months with an 'r' in them make me happiest.
Morning or Afternoon? i am ALL about mornings. i am quite possibly the most annoying person EVER first thing in the morning, all bouncy and pleased.

Are you in love? with such an aching, burning in my chest that i MIGHT die.
Do you believe in love at first sight? mmhmm... and i participate in this about thirty-six times a day with multiple people and items.
Who ended your last relationship? hmmm, i said the actual words, but it was a mutual decision.
Have you ever been hurt? of course i have.
Have you ever broken someone’s heart? i have, yes. and i'm not proud.
Are you friends with your ex? well, one of them, no. the last one, kinda? the final one, he's my... hrm.... boyface. 
Are you afraid of commitment? i CAN be... i am slightly terrified of having to be as adult as is expected of me, but it's all a part of the thrill, yes?
Have you hugged someone within the last week? just Muffin and Randy.
Have you ever had a secret admirer? not that i am particularly aware of. i guess the Muffin used to stalk me and when we weren't talking... weirdo.
Have you ever broken your own heart? oh yes... multiple times. i tend to be the worst for doing that.

Love or Lust? love
Lemonade or Iced tea? oh my GOD lemonade... american lemonade!
Cats or Dogs? dogs!
A few best friends or many regular friends? a few best.
Television or Internet? internet.
Pepsi or Coke? coke! yaycoke!
Wild night out or romantic night in? well, it depends what company i'm in... i love both. right now i could do with a romantic night in though.
Pink or Purple? oh my GOD i love pink. purple makes me want to kill myself most of the time.
Day or Night? mostly day.
IM or Phone? phone!

Been caught sneaking out? nope. never once (and i did that A LOT as a youth. thanks Muffin)
Fallen off the stairs? well, not OFF, but i HAVE fallen DOWN some stairs once.
White water rafted? no, but i quite fancy it.
Finished an entire jawbreaker? oh yes! i recall it very clearly as well! i was quite young and it was just after the first flinstones movie came out... they had some giant jawbreakers come out with it and i got one. it took me MONTHS but i finished every single last bit of it.
Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? sigh. yes. i am living THAT dream pretty constantly.
Prank called a store? ha! yes! i did that a LOT as a youth with jessica.
Skipped School? oh yes, mostly during my summer of love with Muffin. i NEVER went to school. we just went from whatever bed we slept in to IHOP and back to bed again. what a glorious summer.
Wanted to disappear? mmhmm... of course. everyone has those moments.

Last phone call? Muffin... he rang to say he was on his way home. weirdo.
Last person you hung out with? aside from Muffin? Randy and Sarah, i think... on Thanksgiving. but i GUESS i did have a fag and a chat with Ben Jammin' the other night... does that count?
Last person you hugged? Muffin. just as he was leaving from lunchies. i kept making him come back and hug me.
Last person you IM'ed? Pow... ages ago. like, in september. i don't get on IM really anymore.
Last thing you ate? Ramen with leftover ham, Thai sweet chili sauce and lemon pepper in... oh! and sesame oil. NOM. then a Swedish Fish.
Last thing you drank? cola. 
Last site you went to? the book of face.
Last place you were? what? other than here? Muffin and i went driving for a couple of hours yesterday and we went through Puyallup and Lacey and then we went on post for din dins.

Are you in a committed relationship? i guess... yeah. unless we're on post or at wal-mart, in which case i have to be a secret.
Do you want to be? yeah. i'd like it if things could be more firm and we didn't have to hide but meh...
When was your last relationship? well, it officially ended on September 18th 2009. 
Have you ever loved a guy/girl more than anything else in the world? oh yes... the muffin, big time. but this love's not reserved to love-interests. i love janey and pow more than anything else in the world as well.
Do you still love them? i love them very much, yes.
Do you like someone right now? SQUEE, yes!

Do you and your family get along? yeah, more or less. my sisters and i speak regularly and we have a good laugh. i am the apple of my grandparent's eyes and... well, i love my family and they love me.
Would you say you have a "fucked up life"? not even a little tiny bit. i have a more perfect life than i could have ever imagined possible.
Have you ever run away from home? nope, and never had the inclination to either.
If so, how long? x
Have you ever gotten kicked out? nope.
If so, how long? x

Do you secretly hate one of your friends? nope, i don't hate anybody.
Do you consider all of your friends good friends? pretty much, yes. obviously, there are a few really lame ones, but overall, my friends are all amazing and i love them for their own special reasons.
Do you trust all your friends? i trust people that AREN'T my friends. i trust everyone.
Who are/is your best friend(s)? janeyface, Muffin and ashley. my three most favourites in the world.
Would you die for them? well... hrm. that's a hard one. maybe?
Who knows everything about you? pow pow, janey ashley and Muffin. they are the three who know the most ever in the world about me. i guess Muffin knows the most though.


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