Tuesday, 17 November 2009

dear tuesday

you seem to have flown in without any notice, leaving me completely unable to prepare. i shall just throw on the old heart-themed swimming suit and dive in!

danie hearts...
  •  turning twenty-five... there seems to be nothing more glorious than hitting that milestone. i genuinely feel like the rest of my life is going to start from this point. that this new chapter is going to be the most important chapter that has ever been written. this year is going to feature me quitting smoking, moving back to america, getting a divorce, seeing the muffin for the first time in nearly eight years and so many more things... the list seems to just be limitless. this is going to be the best year of my life... or the beginning of a series of amazing years. if you haven't turned twenty-five yet, brace yourself, it feels huge.
  • my pow pow... i know, he seems to get a mention every week, but he is just so special that he MUST. this person... this boy... he is quite possibly one of the most important people in my life. he has altered me in ways that nobody else ever has. he has touched me in more ways than anyone in my life combined. the strength that i derive from him really is unbelievable and i ca't thank him enough for all the shoulders, films and lazy wednesdays he's given me. 
  • being the bigger person... over the last week chris has just completely turned into this wickedly awful creature that is completely unrecognizable to most of his close friends and acquaintances. he just seems to have had the switch in his head turned from 'reasonable, together, funny fella,' to 'complete douche.' we cannae have a single conversation at the moment without him resorting to name-calling and cursing. his fuse is short and i seem to hold a lot of matches that have the potential to set him off. i am being cautious with these matches though... they are safely stowed away in my back pocket with my smiles and calm voice, both of which i am finding myself pulling out more often than the matches. i've just realized that there is no point in fighting it anymore... we are going to get this divorce and i can make it hard, or i can make it easy. i have chose the latter and feel like my sanity has been saved as a result of it. 
  • my friends... there are just no words to explain how loved and happy i felt on saturday. i half expected nobody to show up to the party... i expected it to just be a little group of fabulous creatures but it started filling and didin't stop. people kept coming in and cuddling me and giving me cards and it was just... the feeling was so stupendous. like i said in a previous blog... that was for ME and i made it... i made all these friends and cultivated all these little things that are just so beautiful and make up the most fabulous garden of friendly delight in the world. 

  • janeyface... she is just... she is another one of the big ones... like, one of the 'big three.' she is so special to me... every time i meet up with her at some random train or coach station it is like one of us is coming back from a tour of duty somewhere and we are long, lost, love-torn comrades. when i am with her i am so happy and at ease and in love with everything. there is nobody else in the world that i could or would want to consume 3 litres of cider and watch youtube for five hours with... nobody else who i would rather perform an epic journey into chinatown for OMGSUSHIBUNFUNTIME with... nobody else i would rather do most things with than her. she is someone that i could never, ever replace and makes my sky so much brighter, just by being such a beautiful little thai princess.


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