Monday, 23 November 2009


this week had been a little slow on the hearting things side... i haven't really found myself in such an excitable and superinlovewitheverything mood. i don't really know why... i have just been overall covered with a thin blanket made of morose. it may be because my birthday and all the excitement involved with that has passed now and i am just on the kind of end-of-year run-down, but i just... i feel all tired and saggy and perhaps definitely ready to go back to work.

meh, let's do this thang...

danie hearts:

  • the cupcake necklace... gifted to her by the beautiful hannah on her birthday, she loves it more than any of her other pieces of jewelery. i love always having a cupcake on me so people KNOW... i worry sometimes that people see it more as a fashion symbol than a way of life, but i don't give a fuck... i know what i wear it for and hope that people will ask me. 
  • fried rice
  • reading old poetry

  • my desk at home... i have begun to really adore my desk here at home. it is my fabulous little safe haven where i can create or brainstorm or do anything i want. it is filled with all the things that inspire me and make me happy and i love it. 
  • disco balls
  • watching the way light glistens on wet pavement at night
  • weeing
  • planning my next london excursion... this is particularly exciting primarily because i will not be doing what i typically do in london (exhaust myself in chinatown, overeat and drink way too much). this journey will feature me prancing to a pub in bethnal green and watching my precious jaacq perform his little heart out during the last leg of his tour. i was so worried that i was going to miss out on watching his performance, but it seems i will catch his very last show and will be attending with janey, pow pow and eleanor. it will be glorious! 
  • rice with butter and brown sugar on
  • planning a day out with pow pow on thanksgiving so i don't have to feel so alone... GOD i hope he comes through on this. i have a feeling he won't though.
  • yvonne
  • creating more animals for my tiny zoo
  • boys with pretty eyelashes
  • julie west
  • janeytexts
  • grandma's boy
  • danish voice... he seems to have this unbelievable calming affect on me, even just by saying 'CPN 2 Sergeant Scharff...' when he answers the phone makes my heart beat faster. his voice sounds exactly how i remember it when i met him all those years ago and it seems to have this way of making everything in the world go right where it needs to be. he has actual magical powers, that muffin. 

meh, that's all... i need to hit the hay.


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