Monday, 23 June 2008

i heart things and things tuesday

so then, i have made a decision. there are so many negative things surrounding so many people's lives sometimes that i want to make sure i do not get embroiled in them. i want to start making lists of things i like. i want to do this on a tuesday as that is the only real 'non-day' of the week. it is a day where people get depressed and just don't do anything because nothing exciting is happening... let me explain my logic:

Monday-first day of the week, back to work/school/etc.
Wednesday- 'hump day!' middle of the week! only two days left until the weekend!
Thursday- one day until the weekend! hooray!
Friday- always the best as it is the last day of the working week and first day of the weekend!

now where does tuesday fit in? nowhere. it is boring and nothing happens. there is no real reason to get excited about a tuesday, until now! i will make my tuesdays the 'i heart things and things tuesday' and spend the day making it all about all the things i heart.

i created 'i heart things and things' a while ago as a small book as a token and souvenir for some people i loved and wanted to remember the times we shared together. i forced and badgered all of them to write me lists of things they liked for me to compile and use to create the best memory book ever! in the process i decided everyone i saw should make me lists. it was after i got several dozen lists that i decided i should do a local magazine that would be based around the lists whilst featuring stories, reviews and anything else i wanted to share. like any brainchild, this one grew to magnificent sizes daily with discussion of a book, a band night and a record company. but right now, from where you are sitting, you are delving into the beginning of my personal empire, this is just a small part of something huge and beautiful.

  • chevy chase
  • my new hairs
  • glasses
  • working
  • being relied on
  • investigating conondrums
  • walking
  • america
  • small, special things that i see/smell/hear that remind me of my mum.
  • tattoos
  • doing new things
  • guinea pigs
  • crochetting
  • general crafting
  • stationary
  • tea cakes
it is only a wee list for now, as work has finally commenced. there will be more and more every tuesday, i can assure you.


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