Tuesday, 10 June 2008

1: Where Did You Grow Up?


i grew up in cheyenne, wyoming in a house on east 10th street... it was the most splendid house ever and i could never have imagined anyplace better for me to have grown up. i lived with my mum and swapped bedrooms everytime i had the whim to do so.

the house undertook a vast amount of changes in the time i lived there... like what? you might ask... well, firstly, there wasn't always a ramp leading to the front door. my mum fell quite ill when i was about nine and she had a great deal of work done on the house by the state and the ramp was to help her with her wheelchair. unfortunately, the ramp was created too steep and my mum was never able to use it on her own. someone always had to push her... and despite the fact that the ramp was a fabulous idea, there was still a big fat step for my mum to have to go up to actually get INTO the house.

i loved that house and i still do. not very often does a night pass that i do not dream about that house.


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