Tuesday, 24 June 2008

3: did you have a special place you went to be alone as a child?

it really depends on the age that you are talking when referring to this question. i never really liked being ALONE as such when i was a child. i loved having people around me and delighting in how precious i was.

as a very small child, my mum's at-the-time boyfriend liked to get abusive. i was obviously not a huge fan of this so i would go and lock myself in the bathroom and sit in the bath.

once her and super-jerk broke up, i frequented the laundry room. it was a state in there and i liked to just go and lie on the pile of clothes and sleep or think or pray.

during all of these courses of time, my mum had been working a night job delivering papers, so i was never really phased by her working or babysitters. however, when she finally left the paper route, i was thrust out of my laundry room dreams into something almost more splendid. my mum got a job at a laundrette. when she started that, i was made to go to work with her every day and i became the baroness of the laundry tables. i had an obsession as a child with living in caves or just generally living in a hiding place. i would often re-ennact this at the laundrette under the oh-so-special silver tables that were the perfect size and height for me to fit all of my toys and snacks that i would need for a day of fending for myself.

other misc hiding places i could be seen at as a child can be seen below:
  • a mass of pine trees on Hot Springs Ave that had a big gap in them much like a spikey cave.
  • a wee alleyway between some rooms at the motel beside burger inn on lincolnway.
  • the [Private] laundry room of some apartments on Hot Springs Ave (only if unlocked).


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