Thursday, 5 June 2008

sometimes things are just perfect

so then, this last weekend bore the fruit of several splendid things... things that i will list right now:

1. i dyed my hair a new and more splendid colour and thanks to the colour change, it prompted me to mingle in the world of different styles and wee pomps...


2. i became the happy mother of a new rabbit, who we have named Chevy Wolfgang Chase...

he happens to be the most beautiful, splendid man in the entire world and i love him mucho big time.


3. i was on telly... for those of you do not know, i applied for big brother back in december. well, the auditions were showed this weekend and they happened to show mine! it was incredibly exciting and brought back all the lovely butterflies that i felt when i went and auditioned. it was really odd seeing myself on telly, especially because i have lost a great deal of weight since then. i enjoyed it.

i have to go home now, but i will totally post more tonight, once i have watched big brother.


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