Thursday, 19 June 2008

one for sorrow, two for joy

i saw one today, so i guess that is bad? it is hard for me to believe that, as i have been having an incredibly fabulous day.

work has been brilliant, as it is my boss's birthday and so the office has featured a number of cakes and smiles. glee ensued and everyone is generally in a good mood, which makes for a nice change in the office as people are usually very stroppy and just generally arsey with life most days.

all cakes aside, i have also been informed of a charity event that will be taking place here at the hospital at which people will participate in abseiling 85 feet from the side of the building. i have decided that i want to be included in this event and so we are going to get a team together in the office of four of us who are going to do it in fancy dress. it will take place on 27th July and be amazing and help wee children that have cancer!

ALSO! my 'hair' arrived today. i have yet to see it but i am all but dying to get home and see it and pretend it has already become a part of my hair. i am concerned that i am going to fall TOO in love with it and am going to want to crochet with it. i will have to just restrain myself though, as i have plenty of other crafts to do, so i don't HAVE to be greedy and crochet with my beautiful wool as well!

vic is coming over tonight so she can teach me how to use my sewing machine and cut out my fabric. we shall also have a big fat pasta bake and cake. it will be a fabulous event. hooray!


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