Thursday, 19 June 2008

pardon me if i am too candid

conversation between me and sarjit (next-door-desk-neighbour):

Sarjit: so if you went into big brother would you be allowed to tell anyone?
Me: well, i'm not really supposed to. i most likely wouldn't.
Sarjit: i don't think you're going in, you would be a lot more excited.
Me: i wouldn't tell you or anyone either way...


Sarjit: are you allowed to tell your mum?
Me: my mum's dead.


yeah, perhaps my candidness doesn't ALWAYS go down very well. i HATE it when people apologise about my mum being dead. she died ages ago and it was nobody's fault. just don't say anything, as saying you are sorry denotes that you have something to be sorry for, when my mum, who lived several thousands of miles away could have never been influenced by anyone here. there is no need for anyone to apologise for anything that has happened to my mum. it is not your, or anybody's fault.

i hate that i have to hear people say they are sorry anytime i mention it. i know that sometimes i can be incredibly candid about my mum's death and seem quite abrupt about it as well, but it really doesn't hurt anymore and i wish people would understand that!!


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