Tuesday, 10 June 2008

oh the things the dentist does to me


for the first time in the entire life, i am all apprehensive about going to the dentist today. i have no idea why, but i totally just feel like perhaps just MIGHT be the day i am going to die. i am getting four fillings and one crown...

after today i will be the proud owner of a gold-coloured tooth, which makes me pleased. what DOESN'T make me happy is the fact that said gold tooth will be in the back of my mouth, so i will have to make a big fat fool of myself to show it off, which i do not mind.

chevy is still fabulous and i love him more than anything ever. he has recently learned the wrath of the squirt bottle and when he bites or tries to dig the carpet up he gets a spray that makes him leap and hide. i always feel guilty when i do it, but i am happy that he is finally learning right from wrong.

gah! i cannae put a bath off any longer. i HAVE to take one! and brush my teeth at least another thirty times... have a splendid day. i suspect i will type again soon-ish.


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