Friday, 20 June 2008

2: Where did you go to school?

i was a lucky girl growing up because all my schools were so near that i could just walk to them if the whim took me.

Kindergarten was spent at Fairview (which, apparantly, has since become a ghetto school at which lots of mexican children attack several other children for the LOLZ)

from there i went to Fairview's 'sister school' called Lebhart for 1st through to 3rd.

THEN back to Fairview up to 6th.

my junior high years were spent at Carey Junior High.
at around the age of 16 or in the 9th grade i was sent to attention homes where i attended the on-site school for a year.
once i was finally allowed to leave there, i attended East High School, where i totally had the most rockin' senior year in the entire world ever. hooray for fabulous teachers and even more fabulous friends!


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