Monday, 21 July 2008

how to have a good day/week/LIFE!...

i am a firm believer that if you focus enough energy on positive things and making yourself happy, you will live a life completely surrounded by positive things and be happy. i see and hear so many people from day to day who just complain and focus on the negative things that they have in their lives and wonder why they end up having shite days. i can tell you, i notice a very huge difference in days that are spent focusing on potives compared to days spent existing in the negative.

there are so many small things that you can do to make a difference on the days where the rainclouds just will not shake. ways to stop yourself on the get-go from having a crappy comment snowball into a huge messy avalanche of horror.

  • stop pointing out negatives in everything! instead, take the time to note the good things in an otherwise miserable situation. say you have been off work for a couple of days and when you come back your desk is covered with paperwork, your answerphone has been bombarded with angry calls and you have 20 emails... it is quite obvious what the faults are there, but what about the good things? 1: people miss you when you are gone and the work cannae get done without you. 2: you have a reason to ignore that one annoying woman who sits two desks down and will NOT stop talking about her holiday to spain next week. 3: you now have a chance to get a bit of overtime which will give you some extra money towards that holiday/couch/stereo that you have been wanting. you know, it sometimes isn't amazingly easy to find the positives in everything but a lot of the time, it offers you a special time to yourself to focus on the special little things that make life alright. it lets you chill out and have a breather whilst you just think about what you can do to make a situation easier and more ideal for yourself.
  • take on some hobbies to allow you to relax. a lot of times, people come home from work or school and delve straight into home life. they come in and start tidying or cooking or worrying about bills. doing these things straight in from work or other daily routines can really stunt the amount of passion you offer to that task. you may break a vase whilst dusting, burn your dinner or pay too much on the wrong bill. start doing things that can help you to relax and clear your mind... set yourself a timeframe that you can follow easily from when you get in the door that will be time specifically for you. start a craft or project that you can put a small amount of time into here and there, get a pen-pal or three and write them a letter a month, look at your local telly guide and find a sitcom that starts when you get home to sit and watch once per day through the entire series, start playing an online game that allows you to just play it once a day. the amount of things that you can do are limitless and with most of them, you will just end up with nothing more than a splendid sense of completion and satisfaction that nothing could compare to.
  • don't say anything negative anymore. so many people start the week saying 'oh my god, it's monday AGAIN!' **insert sob or banging head on desk** or go into a meeting or interview saying 'god, i bet i'm not going to get that promotion/job.' all that does it set your mentality to negative and buts a bit of a block on any posative things actually happening. it sounds a bit hoaky, but it is true. if you focus on negative things happening, they WILL. think posative and it will follow.

i know they are only a few things... but they are things that will make your life completely different. your general outlook and existance will be altered into a place that will make not only you happy, but all the people around you.


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