Thursday, 24 July 2008

6: Are You The Same Person As You Were As a Child? Or Much Different?

i guess... well... uhhh... there are the obvious differences. i mean, the fact that i am taller and fatter. but like, when i think about it, i always had this image in my head about what i wanted to be like as an adult. a list of things i just HAD to achieve as an adult, as stated by danie ages 10 reads as follows:

  1. become friends with a tattooist and get a shit-ton of free tattoos.
  2. live in england.
  3. never regret anything.
if i am being honest, i would like to say that i have achieved almost all of those things... and this is how...

  1. i have indeed become friends with a tattooist and have been granted quite the lucky gift of being able to get as many tattoos as i can handle for free. to be honest, i never actually thought my luck would allow this... i never dreamed that i would be 'cool' enough to have a tattooist as a friend, but here i am today with over 16 tattoos and a big fat smile on my face.
  2. well, again, this is something i never dreamed i would achieve. but here i am, an almost british girl who is in love with life and crisps and curry and scotch eggs.
  3. more or less i don't regret things. i never actually look back and think, 'fuck, i wish i hadn't done/seen/said that.' sometimes i wonder how it would be had things been different but i never fret for losing out on that chance.
it is quite obvious that i am different from who i was as a child, but it is also obvious that keeping all childhood qualities is almost completely impossible. people grow up, see things, do things and that changes their perception and general stance on life.

overall, i am still a wee child at heart. i don't often worry about things like 'adults' should and i love to be impulsive and have no modesty at all. i exist for doing things on a whim and not looking back, which frightens a lot of people. i reckon this frightens them because they wish that sometimes it was easier for them to just DO things and not be afraid. gah... i don't want to go off on a rant, that is just the D L on my existence from child to now...


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