Tuesday, 1 July 2008

5: What did you hide from your parents?

if i am being honest, as a child i never ACTUALLY hid anything from my mum, she was just unable to find anything out due to her disability. it is an easy cop out and i suppose i could have been more open about certain things in my life that would have offered her more insight into my life, but it wasn't too terribly necessary.

a list of things i 'hid' from her as a child, in no particular order:

*my cat, hannible
*the sneaking in and out of dane nearly every night
*the fact that i occasionally did not feed the dogs
*how messy my bedroom was
*my stretched earlobes
*treats i bought myself with the shopping money
*the fact that i snaffled a reasonable amount of money from her from a small age

as i grew older and began to respect her more, i found that there was no need for me to hide anything from her for fear of 'being caught out.' more often then not, if there was something i kept from her, it was more to save her stress and worry and heartache than anything else. she was so ill in the last several years, so it was quite difficult for me to always be honest with her. some things i kept from her as i grew older are as follows:

*the fact that i was not going to be coming back from england
*the times that chris and i had arguments all the time
*the amount of concern i had for her


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