Tuesday, 15 July 2008

things to do before the summer is over...

so then, the last day of summer is looming... 23rd of september officially starts the september equinox and thrusts us into the Autumnal season.

because this day of official end of summer is coming up so rapidly, i am finding it necessary to ensure that i have all things done and dusted so as to make my winter the best it possibly can be.

the list is as follows...
  • find the perfect winter coat that features both a bounteous hood AND waterproof abilities
  • get as many squares done as possible to finish the blanket of my dreams...

  • start collecting patterns for baby things to make, as there is a pending bun to be in my oven.
  • make or come into contact with some excellent curtains to put in the dining room and bedroom. said curtains must be fashionable AND useful.
  • find the best and quickest route to my new job.
  • get both of my guns tattoo'd along with the rest of my left arm.
  • crochet myself a pair of mittens that might own everyone's souls.
  • make myself several pairs of socks to keep my feet from rebelling on the cold nights.
  • learn the recipies of some sexy soups for the purposes of keeping my insides warm in the evenings.
this list may or may not be extended.


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