Tuesday, 22 July 2008

i heart things and things tuesday!!

oh the things i heart!!

  • Joe Delucci... OMG i heart this ice cream! not only because it is summer and if i do not put cold things into my body i might die, but also because it is JUST like coldstone, but italian. AND it is £1 a scoop, which fulfills my need to be cheap and full of yum yums! they have so many amazing flavours that make my tastebuds go 'weee!' and the colours of all the ice creams are just like little pieces of the rainbow fell into the freezer.
  • dodol! the parcel of delight arrived from malaysia last week and lived the wonder that is dodol.. coconut dodol. it is like the most lovely gummy sweet you will ever eat in your entire life x5,994,033! there were only around fiften pieces in the box, so i am having to savour whilst still sharing small bites with the people i heart.
  • breadfruit in all of its starchy glory. vic and i participated in an adventure to birmingham where we were lured into purchasing a breadfruit by a man who haggled the price down by £2 without our help at all. we were looking at them with wonderment when a lady came up to us and bestowed upon us all the secrets that the mysterious thing in front of us held. she boasted that it was best when roasted and my-oh-my did she roast breadfruit well! unfortunately, i did not practise the fine art of roasting... i boiled it and made it into a prawn and coconut curry. husband was more than surprised with the end result that depicted how little fail my cooking is actually made of.
  • crochetting! i have taken on the task of creating the bouquet for gem's wedding day and mygod it is fabulous! i have hand-created each and every rose and stem lovingly with wool and pipe-cleaners to create something that gem will be able to keep with her for the rest of her life.

honourable mentions are as follows...

coke, my mobile, my watch, having my teeth fixed, tattoos, flipz, aidan hawken, swapping internationally, chevy, having husband in bed with me, milk, teacakes, pierogis, cheezy horror films, dane cook, working, being able to be bossy, having everyone tell me how much they will miss me when i go, getting ready for the wedding, dying my hairs.



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