Tuesday, 15 July 2008

i heart things and things tuesday

oh the list of things i heart is neverending this week...

first things first...

  • this video... i watched it this morning as a link off of a blog i was drawn to and i almost died... it is just literally the most incredible thing i have ever seen from the actual video to the music. everything about it made me scree with delight the only way something can at 4:30 in the morning.
  • whilst i'm at it... the above blog is just amazing. i cannae stop going back and looking at it. the girl who runs it has the most magical thoughts and ways of thinking of things and it just makes me feel all inspired and squeaky inside.
  • Poetry... i have been reading a lot of adrienne rich this week and it has aided in my remembering a lot of things from when i was a senior in high school and performed a lot of her works for speech. she is just such a brilliant writer and i have just been sitting up late at night and reading her poetry out loud... i am doing this because i want to better my pronunciation and vocabulary... i have found lately that i have had a bit of a stammer when i have been speaking... this is a problem i have never really had in the past and i want to nip it in the bud.
  • disapproving rabbits have been consuming a lot of my at-work time in the last couple of weeks. it makes me pleased that other people can see what i see in the sassy looks that rabbits can give you. rabbits are literally the most judgemental creatures ever and can convey this in one tiny look.
  • beetroot. i have recently learned the glory of beetroot after several years of a very hateful relationship. we kind of bonded when i went to poland and was fed it in the form of maroon coleslaw, but mygod how does it make a salad come to life!! and not only that, i am happy to just eat it constantly... just straight out of a pre-prepared package. i am currently on the hunt for raw and un-prepared beetroot for homemade-crisp making purposes. everyone will RUE the day that i find raw beetroot as that will be the day i eat nothing but them for the rest of my life.
  • the ting tings! OMGee their music makes my heart prance. anyone who has not heard them, please go and look them up on youtube right this second, as they will make you fall in love with all things percussion and sassy blonde.
i could literally go on for forever, but i shall leave it at that, as those are the things that are sticking out for this week.


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