Wednesday, 2 July 2008

i heart things and things tuesday (late)

this has been a week of hearting OH so many things!

CHEVY CHASE- the rabbit. he is just so beautiful and lovely and soft and i just want to queeze the little life out of him when i am holding him. i actually used to have a friend and when she saw a rabbit she would talk about how much she wanted to put it in her mouth and i always thought she was incredibly strange. now though, i can totally see what she meant. it is a strange compulsion. i just feel the intense need to put chevy in my mouth. and not just chevy either, any wee furry creatures. i saw a lady in town with a 10 week old puppy and i almost died and my mouth just started watering. it sounds really strange, but apparantly, the need to put something in your mouth relates to a lot of animals who protect their babies and keep them warm inside of their mouths. it is a bit of a mothering instinct, i guess.

AMERICA- the country, flag and food. i am particularly delighted with my mother country at the moment due to the fact that a big fat partay has been in the works for this friday. the butchers are going to be hosting a splendid little american independence day partay for which i am baking cinnamon rolls, an american flag cake (WITH blueberries and strawberries), making cheesecake AND devilled eggs. i have printed out approximately 200 american flags which i will be displaying all over my house along with a few copies of the declaration of independence. the excitement is unsurmountable.

1950's fashion- and the fact that i am TOTALLY decked out to the nines in said fashion today! i have on a beautiful and original dress with a thin petticote and my bowling shoes.

also on the list of things i heart this week are:
  • the fact that friends the movie is in production!! hooray for a 'sex in the city' for danie!!
  • sassy mugs
  • reading very old blog entries and being pleased about how far i have come
  • kate nash
  • Sympathy for Mr Vengance
  • potted beef


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