Monday, 14 July 2008

how to look fabulous whilst being extremely disappointed

i have been pining again the last couple of days as husband has gone away for a workies event in telford. i hate hate HATE when he is away. i realised this last week and i still notice, there is no need for that ever-present spiritual guide to push this feeling further into my conciousness. i am aware that i have been taking him and everything he does for me and us for granted and i am aware that i need to make changes but it is hard sometimes. i have been going through a lot of ups and downs in the recent past and it is causing me to take a lot of evaluation of myself and what i am and want in life.

things have been reasonably on track regarding money and general day-to-day living. we have done a massive tidy of the house and i am really trying to keep it right.

i have finally got a start date for my permanent derby job, which is brilliant and i have JUST picked out a dress for the wedding, as the dress of homemade doom has won the battle of wills. because i am a hefty girl and because this is my first sewing project, i have decided that perhaps i should make something that does not hold something so importance on its successful completion as a co-starring role in a wedding. the dress i have decided on is much like this one, but is all black with an exciting lacy black layer over all of it. it is truly incredible and despite the fact that on a regular basis, things that do not have straps and i do not get along, it is totally rockin' with all the tattoos and my general shape.

this dress was actually picked out because the other (less important) bridesmaid is wearing the exact dress on the left but i am moody and need to have something different from everyone else! so i shall be prancing into the store tomorrow to invest in the dress of my bridesmaid's dreams and then try and match shoes with it that will not cost me my soul.

accompanying the dress will be a splendid and notably HUGE red rose that will be placed somewhere and somehow in my hairs. i have tried breaking this information to my hairs gently, that they will need to play nicely with the flora so as to avoid ruining the special day for myself and the entire wedding processional. we shall see what happens, although i do not hold very high hopes, as my hairs have been particularly moody lately and are most likely holding out for the biggest rebellion ever.

the disappointment which i speak of involves the previous entry's leading lady and her leading man who should not be her leading man. i am just always so shocked by the decisions that people make... when someone is burned by a stove, do they go back to it again? you know.... i will give them one time. yes, they can go back one time and perhaps get burned again but they most assuredly will NOT go back for another scalding will they? well, i can say that our heroin has done and will most definitely get burned again... she has done this with so many people and i just hate to see that she is just so... i don't want to say trusting, but i also don't want to say stupid... she is just naive. oh so extremely naive. i just want to cry when i think about how silly her decisions are... oh my lord jesus.

in other news, chevy is the most handsome man in the entire world and i just want to never ever stop squeezing him! i have been contemplating getting him a bff, who i actually saw this morning on a trip to someone's house who is getting rid of a wee man. he looks like so...

so i am on the hunt to learn if the young man would be able to integrate with the lard easily... anyone who has ideas, please PLEASE let me know.


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