Tuesday, 8 July 2008

i heart things and things tuesday and other things that don't have SO much to do with hearting

i heart some things this week. to be honest though, it would be much easier for me to be able to list the things i HATE. i have toyed with the idea of having a 'i HATE things and things' day but the first and last thing on that list would be that i hate the idea of that! i hate the negativity associated with it and refuse to ever let people make me lists of things that they hate. so, in keeping with the tuesday spirit...

Danie hearts things and things... it's true!
i heart planning and proceeding with a brilliant dye job on my hairs!
i took the wool out of my hair last wednesday due to the horrible amount of fighting it was doing with my real hairs and was at a loss of what to do with my hairs. they were blonde and looked boring and tired. then, lo and behold! i stumbled across a 99p hair 'casting creme' that made my hairs jump with glee and so i promptly made friends with it and pranced home to make my hair brown again with blonde streaks. i was suitably unhappy with said streaks of light horror, so i delved into the cupboard and made the pink participate and it did... BEAUTIFULLY!!

i heart tattoos!
yesterday featured pain and glee in the shape of a wee fox. for the last several weeks, when i would go into the shop mel would hassle me for another chance to hurt me. this is due to the fact that she has been taken on as one of the new apprentices underneath kevin. thus, she wants to offer as much pain to me as possible and i do so happily, as i am just SO excited to have an 'amy winehouse arm' this is a feat i have achieved quite brilliantly thus far, and am pleased to say will be progressing into a full on sleeve with time.

the fox was the new addition. it is the first of my tattoos that i refer to as a girl, which pleases me to no end.

i heart swapping things internationally!!
in the past couple of days i have had the intense desire to participate in communities that feature international swaps of crafting items, cakes, sweets and kwaii goodness. due to this desire... no, NEED, i have attacked livejournal and found a few willing souls to make nice with me and send me delights from places like spain, morocco and malaysia. the excitement that has mounted up due to this has become almost completely unbearable. i cannae wait!!


overall, it has been a bit of a stressful week. it seems as though every person in the world has decided to be as rude and awful as possible to me. i had a horrible pakistani man shout at and berate me in the street yesterday due to my tattoos, had someone i work with continually interrupt me today, had a man shout at me on the phone and the pièce de résistance is the following series of emails i had from a man today. the background on this is that there is a local community for trading and getting rid of unwanted goods to people who DO want them. due to the fact that i am incredibly into salvaging as many things as possible, husband and i are friends with this site. i made a request for a SEGA Mega drive and some scrap fabric, which prompted the following response:

Jack: Just read your 2 Wanteds, and not one please or thank you anywhere! I bet I'm not the only one to have messaged you about it either!

Moi:actually you are. thank you for being rude!!
i am sure i am not the first or the last person to not say please or thank you. i bet it makes you feel lovely to point that out to people. do you do that for fun?

You're calling ME rude?! I always use manners when I post a Wanted. You, however,didn't.
No you're not the first but it doesn't cost anything to say please, especially when you're asking for expensive items.

unfortunately, i am fully aware of the prices of the items i am looking for, which is why i am also aware of the fact that asking for them on a free site is not unreasonable. fortunately for you (and seemingly for myself), we are seperate entities and the fact that i have not said please and/or thank you on these three occasions (out of the approximate 20 or 30 that i have done... good statistics i might say, as very few things in the world today can offer you 9 in 10 chances of being perfect everytime) has no baring on you or your personal life.
perhaps you should worry about your own life, like how you feel it is necessary to contact a complete stranger and berate them with the thought that you, and your self ritious-ness is the almighty truth.
please, get a life and leave me alone.

exactly when your asking complete strangers say PLEASE OR THANK YOU.......now ill leave you alone.....

you should have left me alone to begin with love, as i am now going to have to report you.
it was not your business to come to me in such a rude way to advise me of my need to say please and thank you. you are not my husband or my father.
bare that in mind when in the future you want to harass innocent strangers.

i just heart how delightful some people can be.

alongside these lovely gems, our party yielded the information that chris' mum had to be admitted to hospital due to a possible heart attack. i told him he had to go see her, so he left and i was thus thrust into the lifestyle of a bachelor for four days. it was horrible and the pining chevy and i participated in made us want to die. the 'heart attack' was downgraded to a coronary embolism which, i found out today only ended up being gas. it would have been a bit of worth while had my pining been for a heart attack of embolism, but as it stands, i am disgusted. but pleased that the mummy does not have anything to worry about.

husband was pleased to be able to see everyone. he hadn't been back to melksham for two years, so it really did him some good. he returned today and i have been gleeing around the house in a big sleepy haze.

the biggest and most distressing part of the week has been to see that a very special person in my life has decided to make a huge mistake and allow a creature back into her life which has wronged her to no end. i have seen her do it before with another beast, but the doings of this most recent creature have slayed her inner beautiful straight to the core. i am so disgusted when i see her prance around with him as though nothing has happened. it is just like, does she not realise what she is most likely getting herself into? feck's sake!!

grrr! i has a husband to go cuddle. hooray!


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